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Making A difference in the Community

Your Leisure is so much more than a facility operator….. We deliver a range of services in the community which contribute towards achieving our charitable objectives. Our experienced and qualified Community Team members are proud to be working with partners to provide targeted interventions that make a real difference within communities.

The Community Team offers a range of sport, fitness, fun, inclusive and health initiatives within a range of community facilities including schools and GP surgeries. The Community Team has a multi-disciplinary skillset and an ethos of wanting to make a difference to the lives of the children, young people and adults we work with.

The development of robust partnerships has been at the heart of the team’s success along with the ability to create and deliver innovative solutions to meet the needs of those partners. The Community Team have become integral to many success stories and continue to be receptive to exploring new partnerships to increase our community engagement.

Outlined below is an overview of our current community programmes. If you require further information or would like to speak with a member of the Community Team then please contact the team member as detailed.



Your Leisure understands the importance of partnerships and sustainability to improve community outcomes and improve the opportunity of attracting external funding. We are always receptive to exploring the benefits of joint working so if you have an idea to attract funding or need support then please contact Kevin Fordham, Managing Director on 01843 868302 or email

Ageless Thanet: Funded by the Big Lottery

Ageless Thanet is a Big Lottery funded project that aims to make Thanet a great place to grow older... From Yoga to Life Planning, woodwork to helping older people set up small businesses, Ageless Thanet has something for everyone from 50 upwards. We are one of 14 projects nationally, all funded through the Big Lottery Fund's 'Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better' programme. The Ageless Thanet project is working with Your Leisure to provide free, local, high quality health, leisure and hobby activities in Margate Central and Ramsgate Eastcliff for people aged 50+.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 50 or 100, we’re offering something for everyone. These activities are being delivered in the heart of your community, easily accessible for all and completely free.

Contact Ian Barker on 01843 601550 or email

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Legacy Holiday Programme – Dover: Funded by Kent County Council

This programme is a referral only service, it is for disabled children and young people. The programme provides fun and exciting activities for the participants throughout the Summer Holidays. They do a variety of things such as swimming, walks, crafts and more, the activities support the participants to develop social skills and to have fun. In providing this service we are offering respite to the parents and carers whilst ensuring that the participants have a great time.

Contact Andrea Trenchard on 01304 201145 or email

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Legacy Holiday Programme – Thanet: Funded by Kent County Council

This programme is delivered out of Hartsdown Leisure centre, it is also via a referral process. They provide disabled children and young people the opportunity to use our leisure centre facility to have fun, meet new people and to develop their social skills.

Contact Jo Stirland on 01843 601550 or email

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 Bikeability – schools provision: Funded by Youth Sports Trust

The programme provides an invaluable service in ensuring that children successfully complete their cycling proficiency. The fully qualified staff complete the training on site and then take the children out to put in to practise what they have learnt. Every child that completes the course receives the relevant Certificate/badges for their level.

Contact Andrea Trenchard on 01304 201145 or email

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DASH – Dover Leisure Centre

This programme is for anyone over the age of 14 years with a disability, it is a social group designed to develop social skills, offering the participants a safe environment to meet new people, have fun and socialise.

Contact Andrea Trenchard on 01304 201145 or email

After School Club – Dover

The team provides children with the opportunity to be supported after school hours as part of the extended schools programme. The children attending the club are provided with a snack as well as the opportunity to play and have fun.

Contact Andrea Trenchard on 01304 201145 or email 


Door Step Sports Clubs – Dover and Deal: Funded by Street Games

Doorstep Sport Clubs are based within a variety of settings including leisure centres, community/ youth centres, outdoor facilities such as MUGAs & synthetic pitches, parks and schools. They are youth-led and shaped around the ‘right time, right place and right style’ approach, meaning that the participants feel valued and listened to which in turn leads to positive experience within the community. The programme offers a multi sports session FREE of charge to any young person wanting to participate. Our coaches are skilled in leading sport as well as in supporting young people to make the best of themselves. The coaches are local and know the communities they work in. The sessions are fun, friendly, informal and engaging.

Contact Jo Stirland on 01843 601550 or email 

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Coaching in Schools – Dover and Deal

We currently support two local school in the delivery of their PE classes, these are run in partnership with the schools to ensure that we are following any academic programme that they are working towards. The sessions are offered as a multi sports provision within the school environment and using our leisure facilities.

Contact Andrea Trenchard on 01304 201145 or email 


The Secret Jungle: Funded by the Big Lottery

The Secret Jungle is a place to grow and develop. A space which values play as a life-enhancing daily experience for all children and young people within their communities. The underlying ethos of the garden is one of promoting inclusion where non-disabled children, siblings, peers and their families as well as the wider community are encouraged to join with disabled children in play where this does not detract from the experience of the disabled child.

We work to improve the physical cognitive, social and psychological benefits that the Jungle can support, generating enormous pleasure through the senses: – seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing to building coordination, strength, stamina and physical activity. We provide an environment where all members of the community can benefit from using the space.

Contact Jo Stirland on 01843 601550 or email


Your Time to Move: Funded by Sport England

Your Time to Move’ is a local sports programme targeting inactive Men aged 30+ living within Dover. As the name suggests, ‘Your Time to Move’ is about encouraging individuals who do not participate in any physical activity for a variety of reasons, to engage with local leisure, sport and activity opportunities. The one-year multi-sport project is a series of free activity sessions where participants will be able to get back into the sports everyone played as kids, supported with some excellent information and tips on living a healthier life.

Contact Jo Stirland on 01843 601550 or email

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Get Out Get Active – Funded by Spirit of 2012 and delivered in partnership with the English Federation of Disability Sport

Get Out Get Active (GOGA) is an exciting new programme that supports disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy being active together. Funded by Spirit of 2012, we are focused on getting some of Thanet’s least active people moving more through fun and inclusive activities.

We aim to increase the number of people who are able to access and enjoy local opportunities. We want to motivate people by tapping into their values and the things that matter most to them. This includes building friendships, maintaining health, having fun and progressing in life.

Contact Jo Stirland on 01843 601550 or email 

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