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Apprentice Customer Service Advisor – Ramsgate Leisure Centre

Apprentice Customer Service Advisor

- Ramsgate Leisure Centre

Apprentice Customer Service Advisor

Ramsgate LC

Available upon application

£7,811.44 (12-month fixed term contract)

This is a great opportunity for the right individuals to gain a valuable insight into Customer Service. We are looking for an enthusiastic person to join our team at Ramsgate Leisure Centre that shares our vision of ‘Enjoy Life - Have Fun’ and who wants to succeed.

As part of our apprenticeship programme the successful candidates will undertake their NVQ Level 2 in customer service (fully funded) whilst they also gain front of house and administrational experience.

The successful candidate will work alongside and be supported by our team of Customer Service Advisors as part of their apprenticeship. Flexibility is required as shifts include regular mornings, evenings and weekend.

Many of our previous apprentices have gone on to secure permanent employment within the Company.

Closing Date

24 December

Interview Date

2 January

Want to Enjoy Work, Life & Have Fun?

 Apply now!

Internal Applications:

Please speak to your line manager in the first instance, then contact Head Office on 03333 660 661 for an internal application form.

External Applications:

Please contact Head Office on 03333 660 661 for an external application form or email

Online Applications:

Complete the application form on this page.


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Lifeguard – Ramsgate Leisure Centre


 - Ramsgate Leisure Centre


Ramsgate LC

36 hours

Up to £16,661 (pro rata 37hrs)

The Role:

We are looking for an enthusiastic Lifeguard to join our team at Ramsgate Leisure Centre that shares our vision of ‘Enjoy Life - Have Fun’.

You ideally will hold a current National Pool Lifeguard Qualification and be able to demonstrate excellent customer service and communication skills. Training and support will be provided for the right candidate as well as excellent career opportunities through our Training and Development programme.

You will need to be flexible in your approach to work as regular evenings and weekend working are necessary.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then we want to hear from you!

Extensive Employee Benefits Scheme including:

Closing Date

17 November

Interview Date

21 November

Want to Enjoy Work, Life & Have Fun?

 Apply now!

Internal Applications:

Please speak to your line manager in the first instance, then contact Head Office on 03333 660 661 for an internal application form.

External Applications:

Please contact Head Office on 03333 660 661 for an external application form or email

Online Applications:

Complete the application form on this page.


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Total Gym Re-fit for Hartsdown Leisure Centre

Yes, it’s open and your feedback about our fresh look gym equipment has been fabulous.


You are telling us you are delighted with all our wonderful brand-new Technogym work out equipment.

With 20 new Group Cycles and equipment to strengthen and work every muscle in your body, there is no longer any excuse not to get in shape at Hartsdown Leisure Centre.

Our new equipment is ideal of all user levels and includes a comprehensive range of cardio and strength equipment covering upper, lower and total body routines, ensuring exceptional training comfort along the way.

And if you are not sure how to operate our new training aids, our friendly and trained team are on hand to give advice and training tips too.

We are proud of our new gym and if you haven’t already taken a look, we hope you will be too.

Whatever your ability or previous experience, now is the time to visit our beautiful new gym and test it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Your Leisure Goes Social

We are loving talking to you guys!

It’s so great to hear all your fun news and your ideas. That’s why we’re so excited to have made it even easier for you to talk to us.

Social Media is AMAZING!

Social is where you make us blush with your lovely reviews and, sometimes, let us know where we fall short – Either way we love the feedback. It helps us help you ‘Enjoy Life and Have Fun’!

So, we’ve massively improved our focus on social media customer care. 🙌

Your Leisure has long recognised social media is how you want to talk to us, but until recently, because of technology restraints, all our customer service communication on line has been handled at our Head Office. We agree it has been far from satisfactory. There has been a massive need to empower all our centres with their own access to this ever more popular form of communication.

Whilst all older mediums of communication are still very relevant, so now, just as important is social media.  So, over several months, a dedicated team has been experimenting with various platforms, testing their effectiveness for use in all our centres. The idea has been to give back control of customer service to each centre, so we can meet you, our customers, at the place of your choosing, be that on the phone, by letter, email or social media.

It’s taken time, but over the last few weeks we have been rolling out to the Leisure Centres a platform called Hootsuite.

Hootsuite makes it possible to monitor and be proactive with different social media platforms all in one place; for our purposes, we are concentrating on Facebook and Twitter.

Hootsuite has already been rolled out to Hartsdown, Tides and Dover and the feedback from customers and staff has been fantastic!

The benefits this brings are many.  It means that each centre can now once again control their own customer enquiries from any medium a customer wishes to approach them. They can do it, using local knowledge and so deliver a positive solution to the customer. It’s a win win for everyone.

Over the next couple of weeks the Hootsuite roll out will be completed with the addition of Ramsgate Leisure Centre and our Theatre Box office going live on the system too.

Using Hootsuite is our latest step to improve on the delivery of our expectation to excel in customer care.



It’s business as usual at the Sea Sports Centre Dover

Having achieved Government approval in 2012 for the Dover Western Docks Revival project the redevelopment work is now under way.

The result will be a transformed waterfront with a new marina curve attracting a host of new shops and businesses magnifying the unique back drop of the harbour, cliffs and castle.

Whilst a small amount of inconvenience must be expected in the development area during the works, it is very much business as usual for the Dover Sea Sports Centre. Although the western end of Waterloo Crescent and Esplanade access will be closed off to vehicles, pedestrian and cycle access will be maintained at all times.

With the Union Street access to the Esplanade unavailable during the development, easy access to the Harbour House car park and other pay and display parking will be by way of Marine Parade and Wellesley Road approaching from the Eastern docks. You can be sure of a warm welcome at the Dover Sea Sports Centre and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Forget 5 a Day. It’s now 10!

For many years guidelines have recommended we eat 5 portions of fruit and veg per day to stay healthy and live longer. Now those guidelines have changed to suggesting 10 portions is now what it takes to live a healthy life style.

The media has been taken by storm with opinion ranging from’ insane’ to ‘a vegan takeover plot’. So, is this latest advice from Imperial College, based on medical research achievable, realistic or just another gimmick?

What do you, the residents of the Garden of England, think? After all we grow a load of fruit and veg here don’t we?

Kathleen Kerridge writing in the Guardian under the headline ‘A veg (or five) too far: Why 10 portions a day is way too much to ask’, says, ‘In an ideal world doubling our fruit and vegetable intake is a good idea. But in austerity Britain, it would be impossible to afford all that, let alone cook it.’

When she first read the new guidelines, she thought it made good sense, but she went on to consider that maybe, it’s a load of fruit and veg for a family to consume each day, so the recommendation seemed a little less than realistic.

After further considering the disparity in earnings and those families already living close to or on the breadline, she concluded eating 10 portions a day was something for the ideal world.

You can read her full article here:

But researchers claim upping daily intakes would prevent 7,200 cancer deaths and almost 14,000 from strokes every year. Surely then this is a recommendation worth taking seriously. Source:

Daily Mail medical adviser and retired GP Dr Martin Scurr welcomed the new 10-a-day target – but warned it may be too costly for families on lower incomes.

‘The more you eat, the better,’ he told FEMAIL. ‘Even people who struggle to get to five-a-day should aim for the new target because even if only get close to it, or they only reach it one or twice a week, it will still help them live longer and be fitter for it.’

He said eating 10-a-day would be a ‘cinch’ if you start the day with an apple and banana, and pack lots of vegetables into a salad. He and his family tuck into a salad filled with 10 vegetables every day, he said.

But he did warn that for large families, or those on lower income, meeting the target would be difficult – especially at this time of year when so many fruits and vegetables are out of season.

Read more here

Difficult maybe, but certainly not impossible. If you are up for trying out the new guidelines then Laura Agar Wilson, holistic health coach and blogger can help in her article 10 Ways to 10 a Day. In this article she gives menu suggestions on how to get between 7 – 10 portions of fruit and veg per day

The NHS is desperate to get people to eat their five-a-day, let alone 10 a day, emphasizing that fruit and vegetables can be juiced, canned or frozen. The UK average is four portions a day, with just a quarter of men aged 19 to 64 hitting the target, and 28 per cent of women.

The researchers analysed data from 95 studies on fruit and vegetable intake, finding that ten servings cut the risk of dying prematurely by almost a third. Read the full article.

So, what’s the answer? Eating 10 a day gives us all a better chance of living longer, but while the personal cost is significant, it could save the country millions in reduced NHS costs.

Many thanks for taking the time out to read this article and I hope it has given you ‘food for thought’. Please feel free to share this post with others you think would benefit from the content or have a view or comment.

We’d love to hear what you think and share your ideas on how we can use these guidelines to benefit us all.

Deal Indoor Tennis Back From The Brink for 2017

Last year, after several disasters, which included a flooded office, flooded tennis courts, damaged computers and lost work, the Deal Tennis team worked tirelessly in the face of adversity to pull off a remarkable achievement in retaining their prestigious Tennis Mark + award, which they had first obtained in October 2015.

Tennis Coordinator Vanessa Webb said, “It was the enthusiasm and positive attitude shown by the whole team that pulled us through what was a very difficult season.”

“We overcame all our setbacks and built from this, securing five new school links and forming an after schools’ club. Then at year end we held a very successful Christmas Open Tennis Tournament too.”

The team is now all set for a tremendous 2017 since the resurfacing to the tennis courts was completed on 9th January.

We have a full programme now in place and are really excited about the future.” Vanessa said.

Their busy schedule includes the usual tennis camps, and all year-round coaching programme.

They also have in place: 16 LTA Graded Tournaments, Road to Wimbledon qualifying event, Kent School Games Tennis Festival, LTA Teacher Education course for Cardio Tennis, 4 cluster challenge events,  4 LTA/Benenden summer tennis festivals, 6 Davis Cup Legacy Tennis for kids courses and 2 Great British Tennis Weekends.

If that isn’t enough, this summer the centre has entered 13 Junior teams into the Aegon summer Tennis league as well as 2 Adult teams plus a further 5 Adult teams playing Kent league and another 4 teams have entered the East Kent League!

Confidence is high and optimism abounds, so don’t be surprised to see even more school links formed during the year too!

Sometimes, ‘Enjoying Life and Having Fun’ can be hard work, but the Deal Indoor tennis team know how to make light of it. For good reason too, as they need to stay on track for the next Tennis Mark + assessment in September. Exciting times! Go for it Team Tennis! Let us know how it all moves forward.


(After the great flood)

Thank you for reading, for more information or to check out the wonderful range of activities available at Deal Indoor Tennis Centre visit HERE.

Coffee Morning

Raising money for charity is a piece of cake for Feel Good Factory.


The Toning Suite at Ramsgate Leisure Centre took part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, this is Macmillan’s biggest fundraising event for people facing cancer.

People all over the UK host their own Coffee Mornings and donations on the day are made to Macmillan. Last year alone £25 million was raised.


It was a fantastic morning and with the help of everyone involved a whopping £850 was raised!

As well as selling cakes, tea and coffee. The Feel Good Factory ran a raffle and a pin the cherry on the cake competition.


It was a fantastic day and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone and anyone who was involved and donated.



Ladies 5 A Side Football on your Doorstep

Ladies 5 A Side Football on your Doorstep


These sessions are part of Doorstep/Street games and are held at Dover Leisure Centre.

Your Leisure has been given funding to run clubs and activities for people ages 14-25.

Our community team were passionate that a session of this type would be popular but more importantly, give people the opportunity to get more active, meet new people and have fun doing it.

Research showed that there were enough females interested in playing football to start the session. Therefore Ladies 5 a Side was set up for every Tuesday evening 7-8pm for girls aged 14-25.

It started with huge success back in June which is no surprise considering the bargain price of just £2 a session.

The social aspect to the sessions is a huge draw for our participants. For those that may not have played before or for awhile and want to get back playing. It is a great way of meeting new people and having a lot of fun.
We hope to see you there soon.

For more information, please contact Becci at the community team on 01304 245369.

Or you can email at


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