4 Questions everyone asks when they join a gym

4 Questions everyone asks when they join a gym

By Jamie, 

People join the gym for so many reasons but they do tend to ask similar questions. Probably because we all have similar worries. This short list of FAQ’s should help.

1. I don’t walk to bulk up, i just want to tone. How do i do that?

The best way to ‘tone up’ is with resistance training and a good diet. Looking ‘toned’ is simply having some muscle that is not covered by body fat. The fear i know is that you will get bulky by doing this. However it is a gradual change and if you ever do feel that you are starting to look bulky or too muscle then just ease off with your training.

It is really hard to look bulky, the weights area is full of people trying to do it. So it is pretty unlikely that you will do it by accident.

2. How do I lose weight off my tummy?

A reduction of body fat is not something you can target in a specific area. If you begin to lose body fat, it will come off everywhere. Some areas will lose more than others but there is no way of controlling this.

The best advice is to keep exercising and making small improvements as often as you can and try and eat a little better. Eventually the results will come.

3. What is the best diet for bulking up?

Bulking up is the result of being in a calorie surplus whilst on an effective resistance training programme. There is no special food, drink or shake that will do it. Some foods will be better than others such as peanut butter is very calorie dense (it has more calories per gram than some other foods).
Ultimately you need to be eating more than you burn off, this can be as difficult as losing weight as you will often not feel hungry any more. So the best tip I was ever given was to add 100-200 calories a day to your diet each week. It is a small increase that over time will add up. It will also mean you are unlikely to gain to much body fat. As long as your body weight is going up it is working.


4. What is the best machine for losing weight?

The best machine for this is your own body.

Now this may sound strange but let me explain. To lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. So you need to either eat less or exercise more. The machine you use to a point is irreverent, some say running is better than cycling, however it is completely dependent on the effort you put in. The effort put in will have more of an effect on the total calories you burn that the equipment.

My favourite simple cardio routine was always 15 minutes on any equipment, 3 minutes regular pace 1 minute as quick as you can, repeat for 15 minutes total. Do that 1, 2, or 3 times depending on your fitness and you will get some great results.

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