Discovery Park Membership Confirmation - YOUR Leisure

Welcome to Live Better at Discovery Park

Below are the next important steps to confirming your membership at Discovery Park:

  1. Book your induction - you will not be able to use the gym equipment until your induction has been completed.
  2. Download MyWellness App
  3. Attend Induction & validate your membership

1. Book Your Induction

STEP 1 - Login

Navigate to:

  1. Enter membership number and Surname / Postcode.
  2. Click Member Login

STEP 2 - Select induction (Welcome & Discovery)

The induction is otherwise known as 'Welcome & Discovery'.

Each instructor has their own calendar, please click on each on (1, 2, 3) to view their induction diaries. 

If there isn't availability with 1 try either 2 or 3 and vice-versa. 

Click to select.

STEP 3 - Select a suitable time and day

Select a suitable time and day from the choices available.

Time slots that are available will be indicated by a number 1 in a red circle.

As we need to validate your membership, ideally select a date within 7 days of this email. 

(see number 3. Attend Induction & Validate Membership - below)

STEP 4 - Review & confirm

Review you selection and confirm

Please note: Expect your appointment to last around 45 minutes. Please wear your gym kit and bring with you your Discovery Park security Pass. If you selected one of our direct debit membership options please bring with you proof that you are the account holder (statement / bank card) so we can verify your account. 

2. Download MyWellness App

Prior to your induction, download the MyWellness app either from the App Store or Google Play store and create your personal account.

All of your active lifestyle data will be stored and can:

  • Record your indoor and outdoor workouts,
  • Access your activity data
  • Track your results and review progress
  • Record and review body measurements
  • Link to popular health and fitness apps and devices

3. Attend Induction & Validate Your Membership

During you induction, you will need to validate you membership.

Please note - Failure to do so may result in your membership being terminated.

To validate your membership simply bring along your temporary membership number that was on your original confirmation email, you can even print the email out and bring it with you if you wish.

Along with your temporary membership number, also bring a form of photo ID, proof of address and bank account (a driving licence and bank cards are ideal).

Also ensure you bring along your Discovery Park pass so that we can make a note of your number so that DP Security can grant you to the access to the gym.

Once this is all complete, your membership card will be issued and a request to security will be submitted.

You can then start enjoying our facilities!