Feelgood Membership Confirmation - YOUR Leisure

Welcome to Feelgood with Your Leisure

Below are the next important steps to confirming your membership with the Feelgood Factory.

  1. Validate your membership - Failure to do so may result in your membership being terminated.
  2. Book your Welcome & Discovery session
  3. Attend your Welcome & Discovery session

1. Validate your membership

On your next visit to your chosen centre, you will need to validate your membership, which will need to happen within 7 days of your email confirmation.

To validate your membership simply take along your temporary membership number that was on your original confirmation email, you can even print the email out and bring it with you if you wish.

Along with your temporary membership number, also bring a form of photo ID, proof of address and bank account (a driving licence and bank cards are ideal).

Please note - Failure to do so may result in your membership being terminated.

Once this is all complete, your membership card will be issued.

2. Book your Welcome & Discovery session

Either drop into the reception or call your centre of choice to book your session:

  • Margate Feelgood Factory: 01843 296687
  • Ramsgate Feelgood Factory: 01843 597534

Please note: Expect your appointment to last around 45-60 minutes. Please wear socks and comfortable clothes that allows for movement.

3. Attend your Welcome & Discovery session

During your Welcome & Discovery session you will complete your lifestyle questionnaire (PARQ), a Medical Questionnaire, set your health & fitness goals and create a programme.

At this point you'll be given an orientation (induction) of the equipment.

...and then you are all set - ready to start enjoying the facilities.