Welcome to Hartsdown Gymnastics Centre

Our aim is to provide fun, active sessions whilst teaching gymnastics skills. Our sessions are age based and all abilities are welcome.

Our team of coaches not only teach the skills but help build the gymnasts self-confidence.



Twinkling Stars

For ages 18 months-3 years, these are half hour sessions with a coach leading a short warm up before parents and little ones have free reign of the equipment to play and explore. Finishing the session with a song.

Rising Stars

From 3 years until they start school. These sessions are 45 minutes and just have the children going onto the floor. The whole session is coach led. Teaching them the basic skills in a fun way.

Shooting Stars

These classes are divided into 3 groups: 4 years+, 6 years+ and 8 years + They are an hour long teaching and developing more skills in a fun environment.

Proficiency Badge Scheme

This is an awards scheme starting at level 8 up to level 1. Assisting in the development of core skills, whilst incorporating pulse raising activities.
There's 10 types of activities in each level. The activity skills difficulty increases and progresses as you go through the badges, recognising the gymnasts accomplishments after each level by being able to purchase certificates and badges.
They all start the badge scheme at different times meaning they may be on different levels and also have different amounts of skills completed previously on a badge. As they work through the levels the badges take longer to achieve because of their difficulty.
Hartsdown Gymnastics Centre is a registered British Gymnastics Centre.

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