Live Better


Our Live Better programme incorporates a variety of activities to assist you in leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Our programme has been specifically designed to meet the needs of our more senior customers as well as those who just need a little extra help through our GP referral scheme. With a range of activities including aqua aerobics, aerobics, gym sessions, circuit classes, swim sessions and badminton groups, there’s enough choice to suit everyone.

If you require further assistance with choosing an activity please speak to a member of our customer service team or our Exercise Referral Practitioner.

Live Better Referral Scheme

Our comprehensive Live Better Referral Scheme is ideal for those who are recovering from injury or suffer from prolonged illness and are looking to get back into exercise to enhance their lifestyle. Referrals must first come from your GP or Health professional, you will then need to register with the NHS Referral Scheme by phone using the freephone number on your referral form. After calling the NHS Referral Scheme, you will need to call in at your nearest centre to arrange your appointment. Appointment fee £3.20

Prices Valid from 1st April 2017Non-MemberLeisure Card Holder
Induction Appointment. Required to commence programme£4.00
Live Better Swim specific session times apply£2.90£2.20
Live Better Swim (Tides)£2.90£2.20
LiveBetter Sport£4.00£2.90
Live Better Aero/Circuit/Gym£4.30£3.10
LiveBetter Aqua (Active Aquaplus)£4.30£3.10
Live Better Chair£4.30£3.10
Live Better Sit & Be Fit£4.30£3.10
Live Better Referral (Inc Gym Sess)£4.40£3.10
Live Better Tennis£5.50£4.30

Dover Leisure Centre

Hartsdown Leisure Centre

Ramsgate Leisure Centre

Tides Leisure Centre

Live Better Aqua

A water based exercise classes specifically designed for people with joint and mobility problems, and for those who require a lower intensity. There are opportunities for progression within the class.

Live Better Chair

A chair based exercise class intended for those who have health issues and reduced mobility. There is room for progression both within the class and onto other classes. This class is also a Phase 4 cardiac prevention and rehab class.

Live better Aero

An aerobics based class aimed at those who require lower impact but have reasonable mobility.

Live Better Circuit

A circuit based class aimed at our aged 50+ customers and anyone who requires additional assistance. The class layout varies from week to week and intensity can be progressed.

Active for Life

A circuit based class which provides safe and supported physical activity for people with different fitness levels, physical abilities and medical conditions. This class is also a Phase 4 Cardiac prevention and rehab class.

Live Better Sit & Be Fit

A circuit based seated exercise class with non-seated elements enabling progression. This class is designed specifically for people with low mobility with the aim of improving movement, to aid and enhance daily life activities and for weight management.