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Kirsty and Sarah TAB to raise money for The Royal British Legion

Live Better Advisor Kirsty Beard and Sarah Kelly are raising money for The Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal.

The fundraising duo said, "Due to the pandemic, Remembrance services will be different this year. There will be no parades or gatherings. We still feel it is important to do something. As this year marks 75 years since the end of WWII, we have decided that we will run and tab (Tactical Advance to Battle) with 20kg for 75 miles, during the month of November to raise money for the Royal British Legion poppy appeal."

Kirsty and Sarah are Army Reserves, 3PWRR, A Company.

They have set up a Go Fund Me page and you can donate online:

Your Leisure Supporting the Community

Your Leisure has been helping some of the people hardest hit by COVID19 lockdowns.

Through a successful application for Sport England’s “Tackling Inequalities” fund, through their county sports partner, Kent Sport, Your Leisure have been delivering boot camps for women, yoga for people with hearing impairments and online low impact exercise for people with disabilities and/or long term health conditions.

The images show how the women’s bootcamp session has been adapted to enable mums to bring their children with them, and it was great to see 3 generations coming together to enjoy their wellbeing together.

Here are a couple (of many) quotes from the grateful participants, describing so articulately the difference the sessions are making…

Having a place on the bootcamp has meant a lot to me in different ways. I broke my ankle and part of my shin in February and I couldn't move, and I got heavier and heavier and more and more sad. Coupling that with lockdown I was very lonely. When I found out I could have a place on the bootcamp I already started to see signs of my old self coming back. I have met some incredible ladies on the journey. The ones that run at the front that look like goal to me. The ones who have run further each week or done more push ups who are super motivating. And of course, Natasha who has been a rock and a great teacher. I don't ever want to be back at the place where I don't have enough energy to get up the stairs or run with my daughter and thanks to bootcamp I don't feel I’ll ever be at that place again”   

“I was a bit low with lockdown and shielding. Natasha and the support from the others attending has been very important for my mental wellbeing. Boot camp has been a very safe environment to exercise again in. More positive now and even enjoy the outdoors and running around the football pitch.

Culture Recovery Fund Awards Funding to Margate Theatres

We are delighted to announce that Margate Theatres has been awarded funding as part of the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund.

Margate Theatres (Margate Winter Gardens and Theatre Royal Margate), along with over 1300 arts organisations, are grateful for the support from the Government and will now receive a share of £257m through the Culture Recovery Fund.

Paul Palmer, Hospitality and Entertainments Manager, said; "When we heard the positive news on Monday morning, it felt like a heavy weight had been lifted. Securing this money means we can bring some key staff back to work and concentrate on a timely and safe re-opening of both these important historic venues,".

This is a challenging time for the cultural sector, and the ‘Here for Culture’ campaign aims to build a positive movement uniting the members of the public and people across the sector to voice their support for culture.

Culture creates jobs, supports livelihoods, and brings joy to everyone. The UK leads the world in the creative industries and we can all feel pride in that.

Now, in these challenging times, it is our turn to show our support for culture. With an unprecedented investment through the £1.57bn Cultural Recovery Fund, the government is #HereForCulture so it can weather the storm of coronavirus and come back stronger.

And we are #HereForCulture too.

#HereForCulture is a movement that unites the public, government and cultural organisations in support of our fantastic cinemas, theatres, music venues, museums, galleries and heritage.

We want people to make sure that where they are able to visit local culture venues in their communities, they do so in a covid secure way. Plus, with more and more culture being curated online, there is no better time to support and enjoy all the new and exciting ways culture is available to us.

By being #HereForCulture, we aren’t just supporting the people in the industry, we’re also supporting communities across the country.

Walmer Paddling Pool Statement

Dover District Council and Your Leisure have been working hard to find a way to safely open Walmer Paddling Pool in line with the guidance from the government and Swim England. Unfortunately, this has not been possible, and we’ve taken the difficult decision not to open this season.

We know this is disappointing but the need for social distancing and strict hygiene measures would be impractical in such a small facility. Put simply, the strict limitations and restrictions that would need to be put in place would take away any enjoyment of using the pool.

Under the guidance, the required safe space for each bather is 6m² per person. This would limit the pool’s capacity to just 27 people. Along with the accompanying COVID-secure protocols, this would simply not be viable. We would also have to put in place similar restrictions for the surrounding green space.

On top of these challenges, we were unable to undertake any of the normal preparatory and maintenance works for re-opening during the lockdown.

Kevin Fordham, Managing Director of Your Leisure said: “This is not a decision Dover District Council and Your Leisure have taken lightly. Walmer Paddling Pool is a popular community venue and we’re so disappointed that Your Leisure is not able to reopen the pool this summer. Despite working tirelessly to come up with a viable solution to get Walmer Paddling Pool operational for the summer, the challenges were just too great.”

DDC and Your Leisure continue to work in partnership to safely re-open our leisure facilities as soon as possible. Tides Leisure Centre in Deal re-opened on 3 August with a restricted service for members only. The health and wellbeing of customers and staff is at the heart of all our plans.

#SaveLeisure Campaign

Community Leisure UK, ukactive and CIMSPA, have launched a joint campaign #saveleisure to highlight that nearly half of all public leisure facilities in the UK face permanent closure by the end of the year, unless Local Authorities receive urgent ring-fenced funding from the Government to overcome the enormous financial impact of the Covid-19 lockdown period and its legacy.

We are calling on Local Authorities, MP/MS/MSPs, other stakeholders and the public to back our campaign #saveleisure, and to lobby the Government for specific fixed term financial support to ensure we do not lose community leisure services across the UK. This funding would proportionally support public leisure across the devolved nations using the Barnett consequential.

Public leisure centres, swimming pools and community services are predominantly delivered through non profit distributing trusts (represented by Community Leisure UK) and in-house Local Authority departments. Combined, all public leisure providers face a shortfall of more than £800m this financial year (2020–21) and most providers are not eligible for the Government financial support packages currently available. 

There are 2,800 public leisure facilities in the UK, plus a significant number of facilities provided by independent community led non profit distributing trusts, employing over 76,000 full-time staff, in addition to freelance exercise instructors and casual workers such as personal trainers. We estimate that 48% of all public leisure facilities face closure, meaning as many as 1,300 could disappear by the end of the year, along with more than 58,000 jobs.

Although community leisure facilities and services can legally reopen from 25 July in England and legal reopening dates are expected to follow for Wales and Scotland, up to 35% will not be able to reopen due to the exceptional increased costs resulting from lost income during the lockdown period and due to operating at reduced capacity to comply with social distancing measures for an unspecified period. We have called for specific Government financial support to compensate for this, but to date this has not been forthcoming despite other sectors receiving funding, for example the much welcomed £1.6bn to arts and culture.

Local Authorities are facing unprecedented pressures due to Covid-19, and non-statutory services such as public leisure are therefore particularly at risk. Leisure services are often subsidised, particularly in deprived areas, to ensure the offer serves the needs of the whole community. Rather than generating large cash reserves, non profit distributing providers, such as those represented by Community Leisure UK, reinvest any surplus revenue to develop the offer for community benefit; these services are therefore vital to help close the inequalities gap.

  • Services many public leisure facilities provide have a positive impact on educational attainment, economic productivity, reducing crime and loneliness, and engaging inactive and disadvantaged communities.
  • Latest figures from 4global via Data Hub research indicate that public leisure provision contributes £3.8bn in social value to the UK (England, Scotland and Wales) every year, measured through savings to the NHS as well as improved wellbeing and mental health.
  • Public leisure facilities provide services in the most deprived areas of the UK and therefore play a vital role for people from lower socio-economic groups who are 18% less likely to be active than people from the most affluent groups.
  • Current participation trends indicate that people from BAME backgrounds would be disproportionately affected with the loss of public leisure facilities.

Letters have been sent to MP/MS/MSPs from Community Leisure UK, ukactive and leisure trust Chief Executives to outline the dire financial position that public operators face this financial year, and the need for the Government to provide ring-fenced funding to support Local Authorities to maintain vital community leisure assets and services that are so important to community health and wellbeing. Delay by the Government to a commitment to specific fixed term financial support will risk the loss of the following services:

  • Swimming pools, including children’s swimming lessons.
  • Facilities and services for sports clubs, community groups, particularly older people, BAME communities, religious groups, female-only groups, and schools.
  • Specialist physical activity referral and social prescribing services which help manage long-term conditions, rehabilitation and prehab.

Mark Tweedie, Chief Executive of Community Leisure UK, said: 

“We have worked with our partners ukactive, CIMSPA and others to provide compelling evidence demonstrating the financial issues and catastrophic consequences for leisure services. The situation is becoming time critical as we anxiously wait for a response from the Government.

Whilst leisure providers have worked very hard to ready facilities for safe reopening we want to make the public and our stakeholders fully aware that the nation’s cherished public leisure services remain at risk, because many Local Authorities will not be capable of financially sustaining them without specific Government financial support which we have requested.

Public leisure centres feature at the heart of communities – they are places where communities connect to socialize and have fun, they serve all age ranges and abilities, from parents with babies, through to sports clubs, walking groups and gentle exercise classes.

They play an essential part in supporting health and wellbeing and therefore reduce unmanageable escalating costs to the NHS and social services, and in these remarkable times, they will be vital to help millions of people maintain their physical and mental health, and build resilience to, and rehabilitate from, Covid-19.

Communities without leisure centres are unimaginable, so we are reaching out to everyone to unite behind our #saveleisure campaign for specific fixed term Government support to save our leisure facilities and community services.”

Tara Dillon, Chief Executive of CIMSPA, said:

“Leisure is a sector that creates enormous economic, health, social and community benefits, but it is one of the last to reopen. 

This has created huge financial challenges and we urge the Government to provide this additional targeted financial support to protect these public leisure facilities which are at serious risk of closure. 

If they are allowed to close, communities up and down the country will lose vital facilities, and we will lose many thousands of jobs among the talented and dedicated leisure workforce.”

Huw Edwards, Chief Executive of ukactive, said:  

“COVID-19 has been devastating to the fitness and leisure sector. This is a health crisis, and a secure and thriving sector will be crucial in supporting the nation’s health, wellbeing and recovery. 

That is why we are calling on the Government to provide crucial support for the entire sector by delivering urgent assistance through regulation and taxation,  as well as the vital financial investment needed to keep our essential facilities in operation. 

As part of this call, we have urged the Government to save public leisure by committing to an immediate £800m investment to address both the period of closure, and also the recovery as facilities reopen. Now, more than ever, the nation cannot afford to lose these vital community assets” 

Your Leisure’s Theatres Welcome Government Support for the Arts

All of us in the arts, from venues to performers, directors, technicians, box office staff, front of house, bar staff and our wonderful audiences, are delighted with the news that a £1.5bn support package has been put together by the Government after a successful campaign to save our vibrant cultural sector. The UK culture industry supports thousands of jobs, contributes over £10bn a year to the UK economy, and gives everyone the joy of experiencing live entertainment, great works of art, and the ability to learn about and celebrate our history. Losing our theatres, galleries and museums would have ripped the soul out of our nation; so this week we are very happy to hear the hugely encouraging news; even though challenges still lie ahead.

The culture support package is a welcome relief for all those whose lives are enhanced by the arts and we're sure over the coming weeks we’ll get to understand how this will be implemented and how it will impact on businesses.

As you can imagine, the past few months have been extremely challenging for everyone working in the sector and there has been a wonderful coming together to create an industry-wide support network. It's been a privilege to be part of an industry that not only looked to meet the challenges presented by this pandemic with technology, ensuring that the public could still enjoy some productions, art etc. digitally, but the support for the people who work in the sector, from online chats, gatherings to mental health support, the arts are foremost about people.

However, there is still no clear date for when live entertainment can return to the silent stages up and down the land, and we all continually look to the Government for leadership and guidance as well as the much-needed support.

Meanwhile, we remain in constant communication with our promoters, artists, and valued customers as we shuffle the programme back into 2021 at both the Winter Gardens and Theatre Royal.

We look forward to a time when we can welcome theatregoers back to our venues, to a time when our stages once again bring stories to life and we can all share in the collective joy of live entertainment.

Warmest Thanks,

Paul Palmer

Hospitality and Entertainments Manager

Your Leisure Donates Food and Beverages to Local Charity

As part of our continuing efforts to support local communities, Your Leisure Kent has donated £2000 pounds worth of food and drink to Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet, who with the support of Ramsgate Town Council, have been producing food packages and distributing them across Thanet, either directly to the homes of those in need or to the 18 food banks across the area.

The donations included a wide range of food and drink from snacks from the Leisure Centres, to frozen food from Margate Winter Gardens, with some interesting additions including salmon, Parma ham and haggis.

Ian Barker, Your Leisure’s Community and Funding Manager, said; “We have been fortunate and privileged to work the “Our Kitchen” on several projects before, combining healthy eating with physical activity, to reach some of the most deprived communities in Thanet, so these donations were not only a very natural thing to do, but also because of our relationship with Our Kitchen, and the great logistical support of Ramsgate Town Council, it was also an easy thing to do. As a non-for-profit organisation we are always looking at ways to serve and support our local communities better and improve everyone’s wellbeing, this was just another opportunity to do that.”

Your Leisure Kent and Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet have worked together for 4 years as part of the Leisure firm’s community objectives, and the partnership has seen plenty of success.

Kevin Fordham, Managing Director Your Leisure Kent, said; “We are extremely passionate about delivering on our vision of ‘enjoy life, have fun’ and pride ourselves on the range of opportunities that Your Leisure provides across East Kent and the difference we make to local communities, this is just one more example of the many things we do, always putting people at the heart of what we do.”

Your Leisure continues to support and invest in their local communities, always looking for new ways to help people to “Enjoy Life and Have Fun”.

Update on Services Around the Dover District

Last updated: 7 May 2020 via Dover District Council

Key Contacts


First port of call
for vulnerable
people who
need help.
NB This helpline
feeds info
through to DDC
so give out this


Kent Together: KCC

24 hr helpline
If you are vulnerable and have
an urgent need that cannot
be met through existing
support networks, you can
contact the Kent Together
Also the place to report any
concerns about the welfare of
someone else.


DDC advice

Dover District Council

Sign up to the DDC Facebook
page for regular updates and
helpful information.


Adult Social Care contact Centre

Any enquiries regarding adult social care.

03000 416 161 - Weekdays
03000 419 191 – out of hours


Emergency Safeguarding

Concerns about an adult
Concerns about a child
Out of hours call

03000 416161
03000 411111
03000 419191

Emergency Food Deliveries

NHS shielded people will receive government food parcels direct to their door. Most of these people
will have been contacted directly.
These parcels contain essential food and household items; each box has enough for 1 person for 1 week.
These should start arriving in Dover district on Thursday 2nd April.
The Government has offered a weekly food parcel service for shielded people, if they do not have the
social support to get their essential supplies with help from neighbours and family. - (Web site for registering if vulnerable)

NHS shielded people will also be prioritised by UK supermarkets for online delivery slots.
The government has shared with supermarkets which people are on the shielded list, so these people
should be contacted by email by supermarkets.

Dover Town 

Dover Food Bank

All distribution centres are
closed until further notice.

Volunteers are delivering
supplies to people who have
vouchers – the usual agencies
are still issuing vouchers via
email or phone.
Delivery is currently three
times per week

Deal, Aylesham, Elvington &

Deal Food Bank

All distribution centres closed
from 27th March. Email the
foodbank for info.
Volunteers are delivering
supplies to people in isolation
or who are highly vulnerable.


Help with Meals, Shopping & Prescriptions

Emergency vouchers for “home essentials in a crisis” for families lacking money. Must be online and
must complete the online application themselves.

Should be £9 per person per household to spend on shopping – not restricted to food.
The form is straightforward and family’s or professionals can complete this online and vouchers will
arrive the next day. Full details on the link

District Wide

Connect Well East Kent

Volunteer service set up to
help people during the crisis
Open Mon, Weds and Fri
8:30am–6pm Tues and Thurs 9am–5pm

0300 302 0178 

Very small Deal Catchment

Chequers Kitchen

Low costs meals on wheels
only for elderly isolated
Local hot meal delivery
who live close to the Chequers
Community Kitchen on the Cinque Ports Golf Course i.e. not across Deal or into Sandwich

All wards of Dover Town plus Whitfield, Kearsney, Guston, Lydden & Capel


Pick up Prescriptions
Help People to remain
connected, Phone calls etc
Dog Walking

01304 892 519

Dover Town

Age Concern Dover Riverside
for 55YRS +

Riverside Centre is shut but
they’re offering a meal delivery
service (£7.50) and a grocery
shopping service. May be
providing a telephone service
for a chat.
Home meals delivery service

Deal, Walmer, Kingsdown and
Sandwich and nearby villages

Chequers Kitchen

Prepared meals to people in
need of support. Delivering a
cooked main course and
dessert which are chilled (to be
subsidised cost - £3 for a two
course meal

If an elderly or disabled person
is struggling and would benefit
from this service, please call
01304 362288


Age Concern Deal
for 55 yrs +

Offering shopping &
prescription & hot meals
Delivered £7 (Dover Town =
Collected from Deal
Retirement Centre = £5.50


Age Concern Sandwich
for 55 yrs +

The centre is closed.
Continuing Meals on Wheels,
telephone befriending and
For over 55s

01304 614237 (choose
‘management’ option)


Aylesham & Snowdown Village


Twice weekly deliveries that
will provide three meals for
each family member. Please
refer those struggling for
food/meals in this area (free to
those in need)


Capel Le Ferne

Capel Cares

Neighbours helping
neighbours. Collecting
shopping and medication, plus
other urgent supplies, or a
friendly call. Local volunteers
all DBS checked.

01303 257003 (Jan)

Lydden Village

Lydden Village Community Group

We are running a volunteer
team within the village picking
up prescriptions, shopping and
keep in touch phone calls. We
are happy to do more.

Sharon Taylor

Shepherdswell & Coldred

Covid-19 Care Action Team

People can register, the team
will call on Mon and Fri, then
collect/deliver shopping and
prescriptions for them.

01304 832143 or 07590426950

St Margaret’s

St Margaret’s Hub

Neighbours helping
neighbours. Collecting
shopping and medication, plus
other urgent supplies, or a
friendly call. Local volunteers.

Support for Older People

District Wide

Carers Support East Kent Support for carers

CSEK are operational and the
Hub team is still offering
information and guidance and
assessment for Carers.
Open Mon, Weds and Fri
8:30am–6pm Tues and Thurs 9am–5pm

0300 302 0178

District Wide

Silverline Telephone Befriending Service

Helpline and friendship service
for people aged 55 – 24 Hour
befriending service.
Free, confidential service to
share worries and fears.

0800 470 80 90

District Wide

Age UK Advice line

0800 169 6565

District Wide

CROPS (Citizens Rights for Older People)

Charity that aims to leave an
older person stronger and more able to cope than when we first came into contact with them.
Not every older person is familiar with modern technology so can often benefit from some help and guidance to sort out their problems.

Dover Whitfield

Peekaboo Pet Services

Free Dog walking service for the Dover/Whitfield area - walking dogs/pets for isolated elderly people.

07584 320039

District Wide

Bright Shadow

Support for people with Dementia and their families

Other Community Support Services

District Wide

One You

Health support for Obesity, stop smoking and general lifestyle.

0300 123 1220

District Wide

Carers Support UK

Advice for carers from Carers
Support UK can be found on the Carers UK Website.


Breastfeeding support group at The Ark

Now closed and offering virtual support. We are providing a virtual breastfeeding support group for Dover Monday’s 10am to noon and 1:1 consultations.


Mutual aid Facebook group

Online support group for residents

District Wide

Sport England Physical Health

How to stay active during the
COVID-19 period whilst selfisolating.

District Wide

Libraries Education

Online service

03000 41 64 38, email or via 24/7
chat at

District Wide

Help for Heroes

Helping wounded veterans and
their families.

0300 303 9888

Jobs and Benefits

District Wide

Shaw Trust Employment Service and Porchlight Work4Wellbeing(Formally JET IPS Employment)

District Wide

DWP (Job Centre) Benefits/Work

All Job Centres are closed. For
DWP advice call this number.

01304 866190

District Wide

Citizens Advice Bureau Benefits/Work/Debt

For help
General enquiries
For debt enquiries
For Universal Credit enquiries
ALL 9.30am - 4.30pm

03448 487978
01304 374333
01304 202442
01304 202030


District Wide

DDC Office Hours

In normal office hours, if
someone mentions anything
that suggests they are
homeless/potentially homeless, or anything relating to their housing register application they should be asked to call.

Out of Office Hours

If the call is out of office hours,
ring the DDC hotline and choose the ‘homelessness option’. This will go through to Centra and be dealt with in the normal way.

01304 872265

This is the number for the
customer services staff in
Civica who deal with our
enquiries in the first instance.

01304 821199

District Wide


Porchlight Community Inclusion Service Porchlight Community Link Service
Porchlight Community Housing

Central Referral Line 0800 567

Mental Health & Befriending

District Wide

Speak Up

SpeakUp CIC - Support and
social SpeakUpCIC- Personality
Disorder Support Group (PERDI).

SpeakUp CIC - SpAce Art and
Craft Project
SpeakUp CIC Referral
SpeakUpCIC - Night Owls is a
closed on-line peer support

or 01843 448384

Call 01843 448384

District Wide

District Wide

Take Off

Take Off Peer Groups
Remote peer group Sessions
& some 1:1 support slots
Via Zoom Attendee should email or submit request via web contact page

01227 788 211

District Wide

Look Ahead

Support for learning disabilities, mental health, homelessness and young people.

District Wide


Tackling loneliness and supporting mental health.

District Wide

Live Well Kent

Still accepting referrals - if you
need support or need to refer
someone you can call the
referral line or email.
Free service for anyone over 17.


Safe and Well Involve Kent

Telephone befriending service
for the most vulnerable and
isolated people who are selfisolating due to Coronavirus.

District Wide


Free service for unemployed
people aged over 25 living in
Kent who feel their mental
health is holding them back.

0333 880 2730

District Wide

Mental Health Matters

24/7 helpline

0800 107 0160

District Wide



0300 304 7000

District Wide


24/7 helpline

116 123

District Wide

Kent & Medway NHS Mental
Health Services

0300 222 0123

District Wide

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

Suicide Support line
Helpline 5pm – midnight
365 days a year
Webchat also available vis

District Wide

No Panic

10am – 10pm every day
Helping break the chains of
anxiety disorders

0844 967 4848

District Wide

Combat Stress

24 hour helpline

0800 138 1619

Young People and Special Needs

District Wide


Online Youth Services
bringing together everything
that is being offered in one

District Wide

Young people 10-16YRS KOOTH

Free online Mental Health
Service for 10-16-year-olds.
Counselling and advice.

District Wide

Young Minds

Yips, advice and guidance on
where to get support for
mental health.

District Wide

Young people
Pie Factory Music
(Young people)

Social media channels
updated daily including
creative challenges.
If a young person needs
extra support at the
moment, such as regular
phone calls with a youth
worker, signposting to other
services etc, please email.

District Wide


Virtual youth session for 8-19year olds.

District Wide

Hopeline UK/Papyrus

Suicide Prevention for young
people - Hopeline.

0800 068 4141

District Wide

SEND children/families Us 2

Nicola, the Family Support
Officer, is available to offer
support and advice via phone and email from Tuesday to Thursday only.

District Wide

Carers Support East
Kent Support for carers

CSEK are operational and the
Hub team is still offering
information and guidance
and assessment for Carers.
Open Mon, Weds and Fri
8:30am–6pm Tues and Thurs 9am–5pm

0300 302 0178

Community Safety (Non Emergency)

District Wide

Trading Standards

For info and advice about scams

District Wide

Victim Support

Phone line operational
8am-8pm Monday to Friday
9am-5pm on Saturday
Closed on Sunday
Callers are asked to leave a
message and a team member
will call them back.
If it’s not safe to talk, Live Chat
is available from 9am-5pm
Monday to Friday

District Wide

Oasis (Domestic Abuse Support)

Continuing to take referrals.
Monday – 10.30am -11.30am
Tuesday – 9.30am - 12.00pm 

Wednesday –10.30am -11.30am
Thursday – 10.00am -11.30am

07856 856278

District Wide

Stalking Helpline Suzy Lamplugh Trust

Helpline open 930am to 4pm
weekdays (930am to 1pm

08088 020300

District Wide

Substance abuse (drugs) Forward Trust

Dover and Folkestone area
substance misuse services.
Dover office is still open 10am-
4pm for any service users who
need support. They are seeing
people through the hatch for
needle exchange services and
Naloxone dispensing.
Not accepting new referrals but
offering 24-hour phone support.

24-hour SPOC number
0300 1231186


District Wide

Utilities – Gas & Electricity

For information about gas and
electricity during current

District Wide

Southern Water

For information about water
supply during current situation.

Emergencies only - please
telephone us on 0330 303


District Wide

Sanctuary Housing

Customer Service Centre is
open 24 hours a day, seven days
a week, including public
holidays for both repairs and
general housing enquiries.

Tel: 0800 131 3348 (landline) or
0300 123 3511 (mobile)
Text: 07795 265 843
Typetalk/minicom: 01482 580

District Wide

Town and Country Housing Group

General enquiries Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5.00pm.

Telephone: 01892 501480
(Press option 1 to report a
repair, option 2 to make a payment or option 3 to speak to an advisor.

District Wide

Southern Housing Group

Latest position via web site

District Wide

Moat Housing

Latest position via web site

District Wide

Orbit Housing

Latest position via web site

District Wide

Housing Options

Latest position via web site

Update on Services Around Thanet

Last updated: 7 May 2020 via Connect Well East Kent

Get Coronavirus support as an extremely vulnerable person:

Register if you have a medical condition that makes you extremely vulnerable to Coronavirus. For example, you’ll be able to ask for help getting deliveries of essential supplies like food. If you’re not sure whether your medical condition makes you extremely vulnerable, register anyway. You can register yourself, or on behalf of someone else.


Connect Well East Kent


Hub team are operational as normal and telephone services are still active.

Open Mon, Weds and Fri 8:30am – 6pm

 Tues and Thurs 9am – 5pm



0300 302 0178

Carers Support East Kent

CSEK are operational as normal and the Hub team still offering emotional support.

Open Mon, Weds and Fri 8:30am – 6pm

 Tues and Thurs 9am – 5pm

0300 302 0178

Silverline Telephone Befriending Service

24 Hour befriending service.

 Free, confidential service to share worries and fears. A good sign posting service. he Silver Line is a helpline and friendship service for people aged 55 and over.

0800 470 80 90

Thanet Coronavirus support

A list of services across Thanet who are offering support during this difficult time. Click the link to the right.

Age UK Thanet

Day Services are open to existing clients and are offering I and A support over the phone only. Also available for shopping calls.

Buddy Box Hot Meal Delivery is open for anyone that needs food and is £8.00

 Age UK Support at Home Service – operational as per normal contact Debby Turner via email.

Ageless Thanet

Providing a free telephone service, during office hours, for 50+ Thanet residents who are struggling with feelings of social isolation and loneliness during this time and would like to hear a friendly voice to see how you are.

You can contact them via phone, email or on social media (Facebook and Twitter)

 Ageless Thanet will also be sharing videos on how to use the internet and social media to stay connected with friends and family during the COVID – 19.  

Cliftonville Community Centre

Open as usual Mon, Tues, Weds and Fri up until 1st April

From 1st April Mon, Tues and Weds from 9:30-12:30am 

Elaine or Paul 01843 221913

Global Generation Church

The Global Generation site is now closed.

Offering support over the telephone. Supporting Orbit Customers with accessing food and supplies.  All Services will be shared online until further notice.

 Currently the aspire homeless project is currently still operational.

01843 226232

Thanet Community Support Partnership

TCSP are offering their car scheme to all ESSENTIAL hospital/medical appointments only.

Samantha Howlett

01843 609337

Salvation Army, Ramsgate

They are currently running a food bank but please ring ahead to make an appointment as it may cause unnecessary travel.

 The Salvation Army are also available to deliver food and supplies to elderly who are self isolating in the Ramsgate area.

Carl Whitehead

 07900 497326

The Gap Project

Still open for homeless support on Friday 20/3, 2-4pm. Café still open at the moment. Friday afternoon club planned to run.

01843 602762

The Bus Café Thanet

Offering a home delivery service from their food and drink menu between 9am and 3pm. No minimum order and no charges for delivery. They have bread and different types of milk available and all prices will be the same as in the shop.

01843 297985

St Pauls Food Bank (Margate)

Open as usual – Thursday mornings 10:30am – 12:30pm

01843 221913

Thanet Community Transport Association

Offering a personal shopping service and wiling to help anyone who is self isolating and who cannot get out and about.

01843 602030

Westgate Town Council

The town council are offering a service of volunteers to visit homes within the town to help isolated people to do shopping, walk the dogs, friendly phone calls, picking up prescriptions and general needs. 

If you know someone who needs this please contact the Town Clerk on the number/email to the right.

Changing Minds - The Lifeboat project

They will provide mental health support, advice, anxiety management, food and essentials for the local community throughout the Corona virus Pandemic. This will consist of weekly podcasts, videos discussing all things wellbeing, exercise, nutrition and more!

To offer free delivery of care packages for those in isolation within our local community, including food, toiletries & entertainment (Crosswords, card games, colouring books, etc).

To establish a phone line for those seeking a friendly chat / video chat if possible. To set up a social media hub for individuals to access for tips on combating loneliness whilst in isolation. To grow and adapt the project alongside the ever-changing situation to provide support for as many affected individuals as we can possibly reach.

Best One Westgate

They are offering free home delivery services for supplies such as food etc.

01843 831664

Krusty Kobb bakeries

Offering free home delivery for food to peoples home who are self isolating and are unable to get out.

01843 835447

Prentis Greengrocers

Offering free home delivery to self isolated people. (Fruit and veg etc)

01843 834934

Posillipos restaurant Broadstairs

Are offering to do peoples shopping and deliver it to their home for self isolated people.

01843 601133

The Kitchen CT9 in Cliftonville

Will deliver any surplus stock they have to peoples homes who are self isolating.

01843 293376

Birchington Support group

Are offering a free service which includes shopping locally, walk dog and collect prescriptions etc.

Dave Adams  - 07540 813028 or Jan Adams – 07540 812564

Farley’s Furniture

The business wants to support anyone in need living in Ramsgate, Margate, Broadstairs, Westgate, Birchington and Sandwich. They will go and get the shopping and deliver it to their home. Delivery is free. The business said people who want to use the service can pay them for the shopping in cash on delivery or by bank transfer.

01843 593069

Age Concern Deal

Day Services are still operational as per government guidelines. Hot meals are costed at £7.00

 Offering food delivery services and hot meal deliveries. (Both are paid for services and will be invoiced at a later date)

01304 372608 – Deal

Age UK Folkestone

Day Services are still operational as per government guidelines 

Offering food delivery services and hot meal deliveries. Hot meals are costed at £7.00

(Both are paid for services and will be invoiced at a later date)

01303 279031 - Folkestone

Age UK Herne Bay

Day Services are now closed.  

Befriending service is now a telephone befriending service between working hours. There is also A Call in Time – can sign up to this online on the national Age UK’s website. One call a week from a befriender. It may be a few weeks or so (especially now as demand may be high) before they match people up with volunteers but worth registering.

Personalised Independence Programme – virtual hub -  still accepting referrals – still supporting via telephone and where we can.

01227 749570

Services can be accessed Online

Age UK Faversham

Age UK Faversham are providing meals on wheels and the Hands 2 Help independent living service (which can do shopping). I&A available as usual, but most of the work is being done over the telephone.

01795 532 766

Whitstable Food Bank - CLOSED

Whitstable Umbrella Centre Will be providing food parcels during isolation periods and are happy for neighbours/friends to collect food parcels on behalf of people who are isolating.

CLOSED - 01227 274880

Deal Food Banks

St Richards church – Tuesdays 12pm -2pm

Wednesday Victoria Road 4:30pm – 6pm

Fridays Trinity Church Union Road 10am -12pm

Foodbank centres open but no tea or coffee

01304 728428

Sandwich Food Banks

Thursdays Phoenix Centre Jubilee Road 1pm-3pm

 Foodbank centres open but no tea or coffee

01304 728428

Ashford Age UK

Meals on Wheels, Meals on Wheels Plus (3 meals delivered – to include lunch, tea and breakfast for the following day), Shopping, Prescription collection, Keeping in touch calls, Telephone befriending, Dog walking.

01233 668765

Aylesham Food Banks 

Fridays – St Fimbarr Church Market Square 12:30pm – 2:30pm

 Foodbank centres open but no tea or coffee

01304 728428

Ashford Vineyard Church

Mon, Tues, Thur 9-12 noon & last Sat of every month

 If in need please contact the foodbank.

01233 331919

Ashford Community Care

Food shopping delivery services Ashford.

Martin Kemp 07732 977417 / 01233 612224

Home help choice

Food shopping delivery services Ashford.

Richard Spinx 07807 177656

Faversham Food Bank

The Gospel Mission Church,
Tanners Street

WEDNESDAY 1.30pm to 4.00pm

 FRIDAY 1.30pm to 4.00pm


Folkestone Methodist Church

Sandgate Road Folkestone

Tues and Fri 2pm -3:30pm

Please check the website  as regular updates will be posted on here


New Romney Christian Centre

North Street

Tues 5:30pm -7pm

 Please check the website  as regular updates will be posted on here



Hardy Hall, Skinner Road

Fri 6:30pm – 7:30pm

 Please check the website  as regular updates will be posted on here


Savages Fruit and Veg Lydd

Offering fruit baskets and other veg within the Lydd area. Also offering a delivery service as well.

01797 363280

Kerry’s kitchen Lydd

A local café which are making food deliveries within the Lydd area.

01797 321052

Elham Wellbeing

A group of volunteers who are offering services such as, Food Shopping, Prescription Collection, dog walking or just companionship.

Claire – 07702268475

Live at Home Folkestone

Offering a telephone befriending service for people in the Folkestone district

Ashford Volunteer Centre

The befriending service visits at home is still going and if it cant be a home visit it will be a telephone befriending service.

 They are also still running they’re community transport but only have a few drivers left so they are trying to do just emergency.

01233 665535

Age UK Canterbury

Hot Meal Delivery Services for a two course Lunch ( £8.50) and Supper if required ( £3.50)-These are both paid for services and will be invoiced at a later date.

Telephone contact service in relation to Information & Advice, Befriending and arranging support services such as Shopping and Medicines collection and others as established going forward

Foot Health Service through a triage arrangement within clinic setting and Home Visiting setting.

01227 462368

Furley Page Solicitors Canterbury

Furley Page have set up a telephone buddy system to offer companionship and support to elderly members of the community who need to self-isolate due to the coronavirus outbreak. The telephone buddy system helps to alleviate social isolation and ensure that no-one is struggling at home alone, without essential food and medication. It will provide welcome regular contact for elderly citizens who are isolated and enable our volunteers to check that they are OK and arrange any help or support they may require during this difficult time

It will provide welcome regular contact for elderly citizens who are isolated and enable our volunteers to check that they are OK and arrange any help or support they may require during this difficult time.

The buddy scheme is not just for current members of our group and we intend to offer our assistance to all elderly and vulnerable people in the local community who are isolated as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Val Prosser or Melanie Christodoulou

 01227 763939

Twenty Four Door Step Delivery Folkestone, Dover and Hythe

something for the community. Thus we propose to utilise our kitchen and chefs by offering a home delivery service of farm fresh produce and professionally prepared items. 

All sales will be cashless if you wish by BACCS, PayPal or card payments!

Order by 4pm for NEXT DAY DELIVERY hopefully by 12pm depending on demand. (minimum delivery £15)

 We can try and get anything not on this list so please do not hesitate to ask.


Romney Marsh Day Centre

The day centre is closed but they are offering a telephone service, advice and information help.

01797 363888

Senior helping Seniors

Offering support to people aged over 70 shopping services, befriending, support services, emotional support. The services is costed at £24.60 per hour.

01227 454900

Peekaboo Pet Services

We are offering to walk dogs/pets for isolated and elderly people. This is a free service and covering the Dover/Whitfield area.

07584 320039

Teynham Parish Council

If you need help with

  • Shopping
  • Posting mail
  • Urgent supplies
  • A friendly phone call 

Contact Teynham Parish council and one of our volunteers will contact you. 

01795 487063

07597 829578

Folkestone and Hythe District Council

We have set up a local dedicated COVID-19 helpline and email for residents. - Find out about help and assistance available locally and national support - Offer to volunteer and become a champion within the community Open 9am – 5pm seven days a week

KOOTH – Online Mental Health Service for 10-16 year olds

As it stands we are no longer able to visit schools, youth provisions or medical centres to talk about the service. We are looking to make as many young people aware of the service as possible and we are trying to do this remotely. Any support or advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Our Kooth Overview video can also be used -

Kooth is a mental health organisation that offer free online counselling and advice to those who are aged 10-16 years old who do not want to talk face to face with someone.

Live Well Kent

Live Well Kent Thanet Services Richmond Fellowship- Referral or 01843 280022

East Kent Mind - or call 07950 608827 SpeakUp CIC - Support and social SpeakUpCIC - Night Owls is a closed on-line peer support group. Call 01843 448384

SpeakUpCIC- Personality Disorder Support Group (PERDI) SpeakUp CIC - SpAce Art and Craft Project SpeakUp CIC Referral or 01843 448384

Rethink Thanet Way Employment - Referral

Porchlight Community Inclusion Service Porchlight Community Link Service Porchlight Community Housing Service Porchlight Thanet Health Inclusion Service (THIS) Referral to 0800 567 7699

 Porchlight Live Well Kent Central Referral Line 0800 567 7699 or email 

Live Well Kent Website -

Live Well Kent Services South Kent Coast South Kent Mind - provide a Wellbeing programme Referral 01303 250090 

Take Off Peer Groups – Referral - 01227 788211 SpeakUp CIC - Support and social groups SpeakUpCIC - Night Owls is a closed on-line peer support group Referral or 01843 448384

Shaw Trust Employment Service and Porchlight Work4Wellbeing (formally JET IPS Employment) Referral 0800 567 7699

 Porchlight Community Inclusion Service Porchlight Community Link Service Porchlight Community Housing Service Porchlight Live Well Kent Central Referral Line 0800 567 7699 or email

Live Well Kent Website - 

We are still accepting referrals so if you need support or need to refer someone you can call our referral line on 0800 567 7699, email us on or contact services directly.

Swim England advice and guidance regarding novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last updated: 11 March 2020

Swim England has issued the following advice regarding novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Pool Water Treatment and Advisory Group (PWTAG) has been in contact with Public Health England regarding novel coronavirus.

A spokesperson for PWTAG said: “Public health opinion is that it is generally safe to go swimming at this time.

“Water and the chlorine within swimming pools will help to kill the virus.

“However, visitors to swimming pools are reminded to shower before using the pool, to shower on leaving the pool and to follow the necessary hygiene precautions when visiting public places to help reduce the risk of infection.”

These include washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze and do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.

Most importantly, if you feel unwell, please avoid using the pool.

This announcement is not intended to panic anyone and Swim England is sharing the above information to ensure all possible precautions are taken.

Your Leisure is following ongoing guidance from Public Health England. Your Leisure’s Corporate Management Team has issued a comprehensive guide to Coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure that all our facilities are fully briefed on the facts and current guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and have precautionary measures in place, such as the installation of hand sanitiser stations, and decontamination protocols.

Currently, our sites are open as usual, in line with current Public Health England guidance. However, we are monitoring the situation closely and taking advice from Public Health England, as well as our partners at TDC and DDC. As new guidance is issued, Your Leisure will take the required action. 

We trust that individuals are also following the advice and guidance from Public Health England and we do remind visitors to carry tissues with them and to wash their hands regularly as per government guidelines and use small bottles of hand sanitiser if they so wish. During their visit, our staff will be on hand to guide people to bins to dispose of tissues or to toilets to wash their hands or sanitiser stations.

If you have tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and you have recently used our facilities, please contact the centres reception team via phone or email:

1 2 3 6