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Please note, due to COVID-19 operating restrictions we are currently unable to offer a full suite of marketing activity at this time.


Hello, thank you for bringing your show to Margate. Here you will find all the vital information you will need to know regarding "inclusive" marketing activities and "additional" paid for options available to you. 

This page contains information on our email schedule, social posting cycle, print requirements and most importantly, asset requirements - image sizes and copy. Please note, unless images are supplied that fit the needs of our website and box office app, no shows can go on sale.

Also, please note sales figures can only be obtained via the Margate Winter Gardens box office - - Weekly sales reports will be set up and sent at the start of each week by the box office as per your booking form (please check this document issued by your programme manager and ensure the correct email address is listed if you find you are not receiving the sales reports).

If you need to arrange a marketing call, please scroll to the bottom of this page where you'll find the Marketing Call Appointment request form.

Marketing Guide & FAQs

What we need to get your event on sale and make it a success!

Mandatory Assets (Images)

App Image: 1000x1000 pixels

Website Image: 1000x563 pixels

JX Electronic Sign: 544x64 pixels (Winter Gardens events only)

Please note if we do not receive images that match these specifications your event cannot go on sale. Please try to limit the amount of text on an image or provide one with no text (preferable). We are unable to use text covered images for paid Facebook activity so by providing a text heavy image, you will miss out on a complimentary paid Facebook advert to support your on sale.

Click the Example Buttons for Tips!

Help is Available!

If you cannot provide the images required to put an event on sale, we can take your raw images and crop/resize them accordingly depending on the image quality provided. 

If you require this service please scroll down to the marketing services options at the end of this page and complete the request form and attach your images. There is a £50 admin charge associated with this request.

Copy (Text)

We require copy to accompany your show. The copy has no minimum or maximum word count, however, think about what would best sell your event to a reader.

If you are unsure, please take a look at other event listings on the Margate Live website for inspiration. 


  • Avoid copy 'n' pasting Wikipedia pages
  • Try to write more than one sentence, the reader should be inspired to part with their hard earned cash and get as excited for your event as your are, so let that come out in your copy
  • Your copy will form the basis for all social posts and email content. We do this to keep the message consistent through out all marketing, however, we do not offer a PROOF READING service. We use Grammerly (a very handy online tool) and do scan copy but are not responsible for errors passed to us.

Print Quantities

(Winter Gardens/Theatre Royal)

  • A5 flyers:  2000/1500
  •  A4 posters:  20/20
  •  A3 posters:  10/10
  •  A1 posters:  10/5

Delivery Address: Margate Live, Margate Winter Gardens, Margate, Kent CT9 1HX (Please note, if print is sent to Theatre Royal Margate we cannot be held responsible for its safe arrival)

Overprint Formatting

If you wish to overprint venue specific details on your print and are unsure what format to follow, keep if simple and follow the below example...

Day XX Month - X:XXpm

Venue Name

Box Office: 01843 292795

Please note, the venues must be listed as so:

Margate Winter Gardens

Theatre Royal Margate

Venue Logos

Click the desired venue logo to download. A new tab will open, RIGHT-CLICK and SAVE IMAGE. Don't worry about the dark grey background, these are PNG files with transparency.

Our Social Media: Handles

Here's where to find us on social media. Please try to tag your venue in social posts.

Margate Winter Gardens

Facebook: /MargateWinterGardens

Instagram: margatewg

Theatre Royal Margate

Venue Tagging:

Ex: "Show/Event Name is coming to @MargateWinterGardens/@TheatreRoyalMargate on XX date."

Margate Live

Facebook: /MargateLive

Instagram: margatelive

When tagging on social, Margate Live should be treated like a news outlet or tourism tag, not a venue/location tag. Please TAG @MargateLive in the footer of social posts along with any What's On Guides or News Outlets.

Inclusive Marketing Activity

What we'll do to get your event on sale and make it a success!

Website Listing

Upon receipt of all mandatory assets and a completed booking form, your event will be added to the box office system and pulled through to the Margate Live website what's on list.

Internal Posters & Flyers

Print: Each individual venue manage their own print displays. Print received by the Margate Live marketing department will be split and issues to the appropriate venue - we cannot influence how the venue displays it.

Exit Flyering: You will need to speak with the venues directly regarding exit flyering.

Facebook: Venue Specific

Provided the venue receives a completed booking form and the assets required, your even will be placed into our social posting cycle for that venue. 


  • Announcement Post
  • On Sale Post
  • Facebook Event (please let us know who to add as co-hosts)
  • Bi-Monthly What's On Posts
  • Next Month Post
  • Next Week Post
  • Tomorrow Post
  • Tonight Post

All other social media posting is subject to time available.

Facebook: Margate Live

Margate Live will enhance the venue specific social media marketing by co-hosting your event and posting about it based on the cycle below.

Applies to all professional touring shows, festivals, club nights and exhibitions (MWG & TRM) or multi-performance runs at Margate Winter Gardens. 


  • On Sale at X Venue Post (does not apply to all events)
  • Facebook Event Co-Hosted with Margate Live (does not apply to all events)
  • Something for the weekend Post (does not apply to all events)

Email Marketing

General What's On

Margate Live What's On Emails go out on Fridays at 7:30am

Solus email campaigns can be requested by selecting the option further down the page and completing the form. There is a charge of £50 per-solus email campaign + £25 admin fee if not booked as part of a Campaign Package. 

Friends of Margate Theatres Emails

If your event has a Friends of Margate Theatres (FOMT) offer/pre-sale, you will automatically receive an additional email campaign to announce this to the FOMT members, this may be a solus eshot or combined with 2-3 other shows depending on what is going on sale/announcing at the same time.

Paid Marketing Options

There is a range of additional paid campaign packages available to you. You can see what the options are by clicking the button below and reading the PDF. Once you have selected the option that best suits your requirements, please go to the "Marketing Requests" area and click the button under "Paid Campaign Requests" and complete the request form.

Campaign packages are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be added onto the final invoice raised against your account.

Marketing Requests

If you need to request further activity or services, please click the appropriate button and complete the form.

Image Resizing Request

Solus Email Campaign Request

Print Creation Request

Replacing Current Asset Request

KM Thanet Extra Newspaper Advertising

KM Advert Specs

Full Page: 26.2cm(w)x34cm(h)

1/2 Page: 26.2cm(w)x17cm(h)

1/4 Page: 13.1cm(w)x17cm(h)


Full page Thanet Extra £250 + VAT

1/2 Page: Thanet Extra £200 + VAT

1/4 page Thanet Extra £100 + VAT

Thanet Extra circulation 38,592 readership 41,835

Radio KMFM Events package 35 x 30 second advert over 7 days including making your radio advert £335 + VAT

50 x 30 second advert over 10 days including making your radio advert £400 + VAT

Need further assistance? Use the form below to request a marketing call...

Marketing Appointment Form

To request a call back from the marketing department, please complete this form and follow the instructions and we'll be able to book in a call to discuss your show/event.

The Marketing office is able to accept appointments for calls to discuss shows on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1pm to 3pm. Please select a date & time for the appointment from this range.

The Marketing office is able to accept appointments for calls to discuss shows on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1pm to 3pm. Please select a date & time for the appointment from this range.

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