The Secret Jungle offers an outdoor play space designed around the needs and wishes of disabled children, where children of any disability and their families can feel relaxed and safe – safe from uncomfortable stares, lack of understanding of disability and negative attitudes as well as safe in terms of the disabled child’s needs – in an environment which is stimulating and fun.

The underlying ethos of the garden is one of promoting inclusion where non-disabled children, siblings, peers and their families as well as the wider community will be encouraged to join with disabled children in play where this does not detract from the experience of the disabled child.

The garden is a safe, exciting and natural environment that enables children and their families to enjoy being outdoors and which encourages and stimulates natural play and facilitates social and community activities for all.

As far as possible all facilities are accessed through sensitive landscaping which avoids the need for wheelchair ramps or separate wheelchair friendly paths, therefore allowing access pathways to facilities and equipment for all users.

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