Annual Fob Membership

Thank you for all of your support in using the Jungle and attending our holiday activity events.

As you are all aware we have been successfully operating the Jungle since 2010 with funding from various sources, with our main funder being the Big Lottery. In the last year we have continued to seek funding to support the Jungle’s continued operation although the required funding is not yet confirmed and is not guaranteed. A key requirement from all funders is the expectation that projects and services will work towards becoming more sustainable beyond funding.

As a result of this we will be making some changes for our Jungle friends. In 2014 we conducted a survey of our participants asking them to make suggestions as to the amount they would be willing to pay annually for self-help access to the Jungle. The survey also included suggested prices for private and party use of the Jungle, which we have already started to implement. These survey results formed the basis upon which the membership fees below have been determined and which we will be implementing from the 1st August 2016.

Your membership fee will allow you to retain your fob and continue to access the Jungle as part of the timetable as well as receiving all information relating to activities and events in the Jungle. The membership fee will look like this:

GroupAnnual fee
Schools and Nurseries£25.00
Uniformed groups£15.00
Individual carers/families/carers£15.00

We will be holding two drop in sessions in the Jungle for you to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have. This will also be an opportunity for you to return your fobs and slips if you do not wish to sign up to being an annual member.

Monday 18th July 10am to 12noon             

Thursday 21st July 9am to 11am

You will need to complete a short form, this can be seen by CLICKING HERE

*Please be aware that all fobs will be deactivated on the 1st August for non-members. If you have forgotten to sign up all you will need to do is contact the office and we can make the necessary arrangements.

The Secret Jungle free play events for the whole community

The Secret Jungle welcomes children, young people and the whole community for our activities.

Here's what's coming up at the Secret Jungle, click on the picture below to find out more details...


September 2016


The Secret Jungle offers an outdoor play space designed around the needs and wishes of disabled children, where children of any disability and their families can feel relaxed and safe – safe from uncomfortable stares, lack of understanding of disability and negative attitudes as well as safe in terms of the disabled child’s needs – in an environment which is stimulating and fun.

The underlying ethos of the garden is one of promoting inclusion where non-disabled children, siblings, peers and their families as well as the wider community will be encouraged to join with disabled children in play where this does not detract from the experience of the disabled child.

The garden is a safe, exciting and natural environment that enables children and their families to enjoy being outdoors and which encourages and stimulates natural play and facilitates social and community activities for all.

As far as possible all facilities are accessed through sensitive landscaping which avoids the need for wheelchair ramps or separate wheelchair friendly paths, therefore allowing access pathways to facilities and equipment for all users.

Access to the garden is via Queen Elizabeth Avenue. Please arrive at the gated entrance to the garden between the times overleaf, and we will be waiting to greet you.

The Secret Jungle
Northdown House, Northdown Park Road
Margate, Kent Ct9 3TP

Phone: 01843 601-550

Facebook: Secret Jungle

Twitter: @TheSecretJungle

For more information about the Secret Jungle – email us




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