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Join the health revolution to 'Live Better by the seaside'

We are kick-starting a health revolution to support our mission, ‘to improve the health, wellbeing and lifestyles of local communities’ and are currently busy redesigning leisure services and centres to offer a more holistic approach to health & wellbeing. 

Empowering better health choices

Our wish is to make it easier for Thanet & Dover District residents to access information and services about their health to help them start making more informed choices about their health with a new service called Body Scan.

Body Scan uses advanced bioelectrical impedance analysis technology, the same being used in research institutions, universities and high-end medical facilities all around the world. 

Simply by stepping onto the scanner, in the same way as a set of bathroom scales, it performs a scan of the body in just 20 seconds and records key health measurements about what the body is made of, or body composition as it’s known. But don't worry, there is no need to undress, but shoes and socks will need to come off.

Just like a MOT for the body, these key health measurements offer a snap shot of an individual's current health and either gives peace of mind or provide early warnings that something may need further investigation.

One of the key measurements highlighted, is something called metabolic age or as Your Leisure like to call it, inner-age and has been featured on several TV shows about health and is explained further during the Body Scan. 

Prevention is better than cure

Body Scan is ideal for anyone who is serious about monitoring their health & wellbeing to ultimately help them feel better and live a healthier life.

Working closely with partners such as Dover & Thanet District Councils, NHS, Kent Sport, ONE YOU, Technogym and TANITA, all helped bring this holistic approach alive to not only improve better access to health information for local communities, but also by working together, contribute to relieving some of the pressure on local health services by assisting with some of the routine checks.

Join our health revolution to 'Live Better by the seaside'

Your Leisure are now inviting local residents to come and discover their 'inner-age' for themselves, select your centre of choice below... 

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Please note: The Body Scan uses a very low, electrical signal that is perfectly safe (that they won't feel), however people with a heart pacemaker should NOT undertake a Body Scan. The signal is very low and is totally safe for everyone else. Because the signal travels through the water in the body, customers who have an imbalance of water in their bodies (including pregnant and menstruating women, or people using certain medications) may get fluctuating readings and therefore advised NOT to use the analyser.