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Your Leisure Goes Social

We are loving talking to you guys!

It’s so great to hear all your fun news and your ideas. That’s why we’re so excited to have made it even easier for you to talk to us.

Social Media is AMAZING!

Social is where you make us blush with your lovely reviews and, sometimes, let us know where we fall short – Either way we love the feedback. It helps us help you ‘Enjoy Life and Have Fun’!

So, we’ve massively improved our focus on social media customer care. 🙌

Your Leisure has long recognised social media is how you want to talk to us, but until recently, because of technology restraints, all our customer service communication on line has been handled at our Head Office. We agree it has been far from satisfactory. There has been a massive need to empower all our centres with their own access to this ever more popular form of communication.

Whilst all older mediums of communication are still very relevant, so now, just as important is social media.  So, over several months, a dedicated team has been experimenting with various platforms, testing their effectiveness for use in all our centres. The idea has been to give back control of customer service to each centre, so we can meet you, our customers, at the place of your choosing, be that on the phone, by letter, email or social media.

It’s taken time, but over the last few weeks we have been rolling out to the Leisure Centres a platform called Hootsuite.

Hootsuite makes it possible to monitor and be proactive with different social media platforms all in one place; for our purposes, we are concentrating on Facebook and Twitter.

Hootsuite has already been rolled out to Hartsdown, Tides and Dover and the feedback from customers and staff has been fantastic!

The benefits this brings are many.  It means that each centre can now once again control their own customer enquiries from any medium a customer wishes to approach them. They can do it, using local knowledge and so deliver a positive solution to the customer. It’s a win win for everyone.

Over the next couple of weeks the Hootsuite roll out will be completed with the addition of Ramsgate Leisure Centre and our Theatre Box office going live on the system too.

Using Hootsuite is our latest step to improve on the delivery of our expectation to excel in customer care.