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Your Leisure’s Theatres Welcome Government Support for the Arts

All of us in the arts, from venues to performers, directors, technicians, box office staff, front of house, bar staff and our wonderful audiences, are delighted with the news that a £1.5bn support package has been put together by the Government after a successful campaign to save our vibrant cultural sector. The UK culture industry supports thousands of jobs, contributes over £10bn a year to the UK economy, and gives everyone the joy of experiencing live entertainment, great works of art, and the ability to learn about and celebrate our history. Losing our theatres, galleries and museums would have ripped the soul out of our nation; so this week we are very happy to hear the hugely encouraging news; even though challenges still lie ahead.

The culture support package is a welcome relief for all those whose lives are enhanced by the arts and we're sure over the coming weeks we’ll get to understand how this will be implemented and how it will impact on businesses.

As you can imagine, the past few months have been extremely challenging for everyone working in the sector and there has been a wonderful coming together to create an industry-wide support network. It's been a privilege to be part of an industry that not only looked to meet the challenges presented by this pandemic with technology, ensuring that the public could still enjoy some productions, art etc. digitally, but the support for the people who work in the sector, from online chats, gatherings to mental health support, the arts are foremost about people.

However, there is still no clear date for when live entertainment can return to the silent stages up and down the land, and we all continually look to the Government for leadership and guidance as well as the much-needed support.

Meanwhile, we remain in constant communication with our promoters, artists, and valued customers as we shuffle the programme back into 2021 at both the Winter Gardens and Theatre Royal.

We look forward to a time when we can welcome theatregoers back to our venues, to a time when our stages once again bring stories to life and we can all share in the collective joy of live entertainment.

Warmest Thanks,

Paul Palmer

Hospitality and Entertainments Manager