BBQs & Beaches Information

BBQs are not permitted on any of the Council’s land, however are permitted on beaches after 6pm.

Enjoying a barbecue is one the great things about living and visiting the Thanet coast. These guidelines will help you make the most of this opportunity, and ensure the seafront and open spaces stays safe for everyone – without spoiling your fun. Please follow these simple rules – below.   You can also help follow Thanet Coast Codes to reduce disturbance to marine and birdlife.

  • BBQs should only be used after 6pm on Thanet beaches.
  • Check signage and bylaws before using.
  • Avoid using petrol or any other accelerants.
  • Be aware of other users around you, especially children, animals and wildlife.
  • Ensure BBQ is on a flat surface, well away from any structures, trees and shrubs, which may get damaged or be combustible.
  • Never leave BBQs unattended.
  • Do not use disposable BBQs on or near public benches or other furniture.
  • It is imperative that BBQs are placed above the ground and on an even surface either on slabs or bricks – to help prevent damage, such as to grass.
  • Ensure that the BBQ is fully extinguished and cooled before placing in bins. If no bins available please take them and all your other waste home for responsible disposal.
  • Please do not bury or dispose of your BBQ under any circumstances in the sand on any of our beaches, seafronts, soil or hedgerows, nor empty the contents in to the sea. The sand can get very hot which is a danger to other beach users.