live better BLUELIGHT

A discounted membership for emergency Services & Blue Light Card Holders, Armed Forces, KCC & LA's (TDC/DDC), & DWP Employees

Includes: Unlimited Access* to specified leisure centres for gym, swim and classes. Benefits equivalent to a live better GROOVE PLUS membership -25% discount

Online Booking Privileges: 14 days in advance

Price for Member: £34.50 a month DD

Annual Subscription: £414.00

Contract: 12 months

To discuss a Corporate Membership with our expert team, please complete the form below and a representative will be in touch. 

*Unlimited usage during public sessions/activity programmes and centre opening times. Members are able to book activity sessions online. Activity bookings based on capacity and first come-first-served. **Corporate memberships are exclusively for registered corporate partners and their employees. Corporate monthly DD memberships  are 12-month contracts and not linked to the rolling month-to-month Live Better policy.