What is PoolPod?

PoolPod is a submersible lift designed to provide dignified and independent access to the water for swimmers. Thanks to funding by the London Marathon Trust and Swim England, Ramsgate Leisure Centre aims to create an inclusive swimming environment for people with long-term health conditions, disabilities and rehabilitation needs. 

“We know that people who benefit most from aquatic activity – including disabled people, people with long-term health conditions, older people, people with mobility issues and pregnant women – often face the biggest barriers to accessing a swimming pool.  This exciting initiative is making swimming pools across the UK more accessible and ensuring a more inclusive customer experience for all.” - Sir Rodney Walker, Chair of The London Marathon Charitable Trust

Benefits of PoolPod

PoolPod makes getting in and out of the pool safer, simpler, quicker and more dignified than using the steps. Many different people can use the PoolPod, including people living with disabilities, living with long term health conditions, reduced mobility, customers with children, pregnant women, not to mention the PoolPod is free to use.

Our fantastic team at Ramsgate are really excited to share this amazing opportunity with you and help even more people enjoy swimming and improve their wellbeing, who perhaps felt they couldn’t before.

If you need assistance with your membership or need more information about joining, or have other questions, we have set up a special support hotline. Call 03333 660661 or email CST@yourleisure.uk.com and an expert will be able to help. Our specialist membership team are available Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm