Puddle Ducks are the exclusive partner of Your Leisure and are the sole provider of Baby & Pre-School swimming lessons from birth to 4 year olds across all Your Leisure centres: Blue Wave Hydrotherapy Pool, Hartsdown LC, Ramsgate LC and Tides LC. Puddle Ducks Swimming Teachers are highly qualified and are the experts in Baby & Pre-School swimming lessons. The progressive swimming lessons from Puddle Ducks provide water confidence, water safety and bonding time within a child-led environment. 

Courses Available through Puddle Ducks

Floaties -  Our programme allows our babies, even at this early age, to make choices about how and when they put their faces in the water and is a bonding experience like no other. (0-6 months)

Splashers - The Splashers class is full of action, toys and songs – and of course lots of ducks! (6-15 months)

Kickers - Language and responding to key words, counting and listening all play a part in this level of the programme. (15 months-2.5 years)

Little Dippers - Little Dippers is the last level where children can enter directly. We take children between 30 months old and four years old and no previous swimming experience is necessary. (2.5-4 years)

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