Swim School FAQs

How much does a course subscription cost?

Your Swim School course subscriptions are £33 a month Direct Debit.

Do lessons stop during the school holidays?

Your Swim School lessons continue as normal throughout school holidays except for a 2-week break in August and 2 weeks in December and lessons are cancelled if the normal day fall on a Bank Holiday in England. Direct Debits will be adjusted for Bank Holidays outside of the August and December breaks. The August and December break dates will be communicated via our Live Better app and member newsletter. If you sign up to Your Swim School, please do get the Live Better app and opt-in to our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Do lessons stop on Bank Holidays?

Yes. On Bank Holidays, course lessons for Swim School, Tennis Academy and Gymnastics will now pause on that day with no lessons taking place.
All course members will have their Direct Debits adjusted accordingly. This change was developed based on suggestions from course members.

Please note, the above does not include Bank Holidays which fall within the summer and Christmas course breaks.

Do I need to pay for Swim England certificates?

Swim England certificates are available at our receptions for £6.00 (card payment only). All previous stage awards can also be purchased. 

Do I need to pay for replacement swimming caps?

If your swim school cap is lost, replacements can be purchased from centre for £8.00 (card payment only).