Beach Hut Waiting List Confirmation Form

Thank you for being on our waiting list. You will have come to this web page after receiving an email from Your Leisure asking you to reconfirm your place on our Beach Hut waiting list.

Please complete the form below. If you need assistance, email beachhuts@yourleisure.uk.com

IMPORTANT: If you do not include your Personal Reference ID received in your email or it does not match our records, you may not be added to the waiting list. Please ensure you include that ID first.

IMPORTANT: Since you joined the waiting list, there will have been changes to our pricing structure. Please CLICK HERE to view our current prices so that you are happy you wish to remain on our waiting list.

IMPORTANT: Before you proceed, we really want to make sure you get the best information before you make a decision. Please review our new PRICES ONLINE HERE and TERMS & CONDITIONS ONLINE HERE

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In the email your received to get to this form, you would have had a personal reference ID. Please type it here first.
Please inform us of any changes such as your name, address, phone number, email
If you request to be removed, this action will remove you from all current and 2023 updated lists