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Who would have thought that exercise would Feel this Good?

Transforming your health and wellbeing through power assisted exercise.


Our Ageless Thanet FeelGood Factory offers a revolutionary way to lose weight via a completely unique 30-minute workout using power assisted equipment. This low impact exercise is ideal for people with osteoporosis, mobility problems, joint problems, poor posture, muscle tone problems. 

Ian Barker - Your Leisure Community and Funding Manager

What You Can Expect

At the heart of this new concept is a suite of power assisted equipment that offers a revolutionary way to help keep healthy via a unique 30-minute workout, which is specifically designed to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

For those who may find the environment of a fitness gym a little daunting, the Feelgood Factory offers a safe welcoming haven where strong relationships are formed.

As you may expect, this low impact exercise is ideal for people with osteoporosis, mobility problems, joint problems, poor posture, muscle tone problems and also great for those who suffer from long term conditions.

First and fore most it’s a feeling of well-being delivered by low impact work-out with social benefits...

Health Benefits

It is commonly accepted that regular exercise helps increase physical function, improves self-esteem and reduces disease progression for individuals living with long term conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and arthritis.

Evaluations carried out on diabetic users also resulted in:

  • 11% decrease in blood sugar
  • 6% decrease in blood pressure
  • 2% decrease in pulse rate

An independent study on use of the Feelgood Factory equipment, conducted by Oklahoma State University have also reported:

  • 30% improved balance & mobility
  • 50% increase in upper body strength
  • 34% improvement to leg strength
  • 33% increase in arm strength

But Wait, There's More...

Physical wellbeing

The Feelgood Factory provides safe exercise to all the major muscle groups and improves:

  • Posture & mobility
  • Weight loss
  • Cardiovascular/aerobic fitness
  • Muscle strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance & co-ordination
  • Circulation
  • Metabolic process
  • Bladder & bowel function
 and enhances self-efficacy and independence

Improved management of long-term conditions such as:

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Cardiac conditions
  • Respiratory conditions (asthma & COPD)
  • Dementia
  • Balance and co-ordination problems
  • Brain and spinal injury
  • Arthritis and post-operative rehabilitation

How Does it Work?

The Feelgood Factory is NOT just another gym. The unique power assisted equipment is very different, it has been specifically designed for low impact exercise, offering the perfect solution for anyone coming back to exercise after long periods of rest or inactivity; including older people or those with mobility issues or long-term conditions.

Unlike conventional exercise machines, the equipment does not rely exclusively on muscle power. The movement is enhanced by an electronic power system enabling users to work passively or actively, depending on their ability. As members do not have to provide the motive force, they do not have to overcome inertia in order to use the equipment, making it accessible for almost anyone regardless of age or disability.

You’ll achieve maximum results with minimum effort by working along WITH the machine NOT against it!

The FeelGood Factory has been designed around a pre-defined, 30-minute circuit offering a work out which exercises all the major muscle groups. Our research and customer feedback tells us that not only does their physical well-being improve (strength & stretching), but because of the way the circuit is designed and the ‘community’ feel of the venue, their mental and social well-being improves too.

Because Shapemaster users benefit from exercising all major muscle groups in short bursts of time, many patient groups are benefiting from a full body workout in just 30 minutes!

Feelgood Family Success Stories

James' Story

"The FeelGood Factory has helped me a lot. I have lower back problems and struggled to do simple things like bending down to tie my shoelaces. Now, with the support of the team at FeelGood Factory, my mobility has greatly improved. Plus, I have lost weight, feel healthier and made lots of new friends.

"It's not just the exercise that's helped me to 'FeelGood'. There are loads of great activities, such as the Christmas dinner and dance evening and meze nights, that make it social.

"I pop along everyday. Everyone is friendly, and we always have a good laugh, just like a family" - James Milsome

John's Story

"I received a letter from my GP which included an article by Dr Sara Payne MBE who had survived a stroke and recovered using the Shapemaster equipment. I was recovering from a stroke myself so was intrigued and saw this as an opportunity to boost my recovery. I was going through physiotherapy at the time but it didn’t seem to be having much of an effect.

"I did attend a gym to keep fit until the stroke which took away confidence to enjoy exercise fearing gym based activities could cause a re-occurrence.

"I came with an open mind for my first month’s free trial and after my second assessment at the end of the trial I wasn’t exactly sure if there had been an improvement. However, I wanted to carry on at a higher level for at least 3 months to see if I would notice any differences by then. Now, after 4 months of attending 3 times a week I feel I have more stamina and more physical strength. I can do more gardening and more walking.

"The staff at the Ageless Thanet FeelGood Factory have always been supportive, and check positions on the equipment regularly and are just generally helpful. The toning tables have improved both my physical strength and stamina and mean I can continue with other activities.

"Since attending the FeelGood Factory I have higher energy levels enabling me to stay involved in the social groups I was already a part of."

"There is a history of strokes in my family and I found after having a stroke I was much more concerned about another stroke happening, and much more aware of the importance of being active and regaining fitness."  - John McPherson

Shirley's Story

"Over a year ago, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia; with my symptoms starting over a year before that. For the last two years I had almost become a physical wreck, struggling every day with my physical mobility and pain. Even simple things I took for granted - household chores, going to work (part-time) and looking after my 5-year-old daughter - were a struggle.

"I had been coming to terms with my physical demise and learning how to manage my physical pain, which was basically to do very little and mostly stay at home. 

"Then one day I was walking up Margate High Street and saw a sign in a window, at first I thought said “tanning” not “toning”, intrigued I went in. When the staff explained what toning was about and the difference it could make I signed up for the free 28-day trial straight away. Toning offers people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to exercise their whole body on a series of state-of-the-art Toning Tables. Due to it being low-impact exercise, it is ideal for people with various conditions.

"I am now in my third week of toning and whilst I thought this would be a good idea for me to try out I had no idea just how positive this has been for me! Since attending almost every day, I have seen, and can feel, there has been an astonishing difference in my physical wellbeing and over the past three weeks I have only taken one dose of pain killers. I feel able to walk and move more like I used to and I'm feeling stronger every day. Also because of my improved health I can now do more shifts at work, which helps me financially.

"A continued deterioration in my health which would have significantly impacted on my ability to lead a normal active life, with work and family commitments. Thanks to the FeelGood Factory, my life is getting back to normal" Shirley Senior

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