4 Week Gymnastics for £4

Gymnastics benefits children's cognitive and physical development by improving motor skills, strength, flexibility, balance, agility and coordination.

Confidence, self-esteem and social skills blossom all whilst having fun and being active.

Try Gymnastics for 4 weeks for just £4

Twinkling Stars

For children aged 18 months - 3 years

This is the perfect first step into the gymnastics world.

Starting with a short coach led warm up, and finishing with a song, the rest of the time you and your little one have free reign to play and explore all the gymnastics equipment.

With qualified coaches ready to give you ideas and help if you would like it. This class is a great preparation for our Rising Star classes..

Rising Stars

Children aged 3 years - until they start school

This class teaches the basic gymnastics skills in a fun imaginative environment.

The whole session is coach led, with parents and grownups watching from our seating area. 

After a fun pulse raising activity and stretch, we then take them round the different circuits and sometimes try some skills on the bars. This class is great preparation for our Shooting Star classes when they start school.

Each week we change the setup of the equipment to keep the gymnasts interested by it always seeming new and exciting. We also end the sessions with a sticker for each child’s hard work and effort.

Every 12 weeks we work towards a badge on the FUNdamental badge scheme from British Gymnastics, having a minimum of 3 themed sessions to complete necessary skills to achieve the badge.

Try gymnastics 4 weeks for just £4 

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1. 4 weeks for £4, refers to your first 4 weeks only.