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Your Invitation to Live Better for 2020.

Have you considered that a gym

membership could be in fact your

very own health-plan for living better!

Take advantage of the Your Leisure

health plan membership

Offer expires on Friday 31st January 2020


The Your Leisure health plan membership is your first step to living better with more energy, more vitality, increased weight loss, improved mood

and improved sleep...

If we are truly honest with ourselves, I guess we’d have to admit that we could be looking after ourselves a little better, either by eating more healthily, exercising a little more or getting more rest and sleep.

And funnily enough January provides a reason through resolutions to shine a spotlight on this.

So, January seems to be an ideal time to join the gym - RIGHT?

But before we get ahead of ourselves - what’s your personal reason for wanting to join the gym?

As a rule, most member have a health or wellbeing goal in mind and could include:

  • Losing some weight to look and feel better about themselves.
  • Gaining access to equipment and professional guidance.
  • Socialising with friends that in turn helps with motivation.
  • Improving energy levels, help to relieve stress and improve sleep.

Whatever your reason - it usually starts with a goal around wanting to feel better. 

Living Better helps with better

access to Health Information

Here at Your Leisure, we are challenging the way we look at gym memberships – instead of just giving access to a variety of facilities (swimming, gym, classes), we want to offer a personal health plan focussed on helping you achieve your health goals.

We want to make it easier for you to access information and services about your health in the hope that it may help you start making better health choices.

Proactive health care – NOT health repair!

Having invested in the latest body analyser technology, the same technology being used in research institutions, universities and high-end medical facilities all around the world, we can now offer insights into what your body is made of.

The results offer a snap shot of your current body composition (what you are made of) and will either give peace of mind or provide an early warning that something may need further investigation.

In the words of M&S ‘This is not just a gym membership – it’s a Your Leisure Health Plan Membership’

Your New Year health plan to living better is a Easy as A-B-C!





Time for your wake-up call!

You may feel alright on a daily basis, but do you really know what’s going on inside your body?

Your AWARENESS journey starts with a personal biometric body scan that offers a snap shot of key health measurements to either give peace of mind or provide any early warning that something may need further investigation.

Personal Biometric Body Scan (worth £30)

Body Scan uses advanced bio-electrical impedance analysis technology, the same being used in research institutions, universities and high-end medical facilities all around the world.

Simply by stepping onto the scanner, in the same way as a set of bathroom scales, it performs a scan of the body in just 20 seconds and records key health measurements about what the body is made of, or body composition as it’s known.

But don't worry, there is no need to undress, but shoes and socks will need to come off.

Just like a MOT for the body, these key health measurements offer a snap shot of an individual's current health and either gives peace of mind or provide early warnings that something may need further investigation.

One of the key measurements highlighted, is something called metabolic age or as Your Leisure like to call it, inner-age and has been featured on several TV shows about health and is explained further during the Body Scan.

Body Scan to identify where you are now create a benchmark something to measure progress against to see if it actually works 22 measure in 20 seconds to discover what you are made of.


Explore your health goals 

Once you've started your journey with some AWARENESS, it’s now time for some focus on the benefits you wish to feel?

When you join, you'll be assigned your very own Live Better Advisor, someone who will help you discover your goals and the real reasons why you are here in the first place.

They will also make you feel at home how to use any equipment or access facilities, such as the pool or how to book classes.


Your Choice - it's up to you! 

It’s time to make a choice, it’s now up to you, what would you like to really change?

To help you find something to assist your health journey, your membership includes access to a variety of facilities and activities.

Choose from fitness suites, swimming pools, group-ex classes and Feelgood Factories across 3 Leisure Centres.

Your membership unlocks access to: 

3 Local Leisure Centres:

  • Hartsdown Leisure Centre (Margate)

  • Ramsgate Leisure Centre

  • Tides Leisure Centre (Deal)

Including facilities such as:

  • 3 Fitness Suites

  • 3 Swimming Pools

  • 200 Instructor Led Group-Ex Classes

  • 2 Feelgood Factories


Bonuses worth £85

As part of your membership you will enjoy the following bonuses:


BONUS 1: Personal biometric body scan (worth £30)

Discover your inner-metabolic-age and other key health measurements. 


BONUS 2: Kick-Start Habit programme (worth £55)

To kick-start your health journey your Live Better advisor will guide you through your check-in points to assess your progress and adjust your personalised programmes to keep you on track to reach your goals.


BONUS 3: MyWellness App

As the old saying goes, you can't manage what you don't measure!

The MyWellness App stores your measurements on your human dashboard that helps monitor your progress.


BONUS 4: Member Discounts
  • 10% Café discount
  • 10% off Spa treatments
  • Up to 30% discounted activities

PLUS! A Chance to Win!

All new members will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win an Apple watch.

Lock-in this time limited offer!

Take advantage of this introductory, time limited offer for £58,

down from £117 (saving £59),

but be quick, as the offer expires January 31 at midnight.

Health Plan
  • Personal Body Scan
  • Live Better Advisor
  • Kick-Start Habit Programme
  • MyWellness App
  • Personalised Programmes
  • Swimming
  • Fitness Studios
  • Group-Ex Classes
  • Feelgood Factories
  • Member Discounts

To lock-in this time limited offer

register your interest with your preferred centre below: 

Take advantage of the Your Leisure

health plan membership

Offer expires on Friday 31st January 2019


Guaranteed RESULTS

The New Year Health Plan Membership has been created with results in mind.

Discover your current situation, decide on your goals, follow your plan and you will achieve results - we guarantee it!

About Your Leisure

Your Leisure is a not for profit independent organisation, with a focus on charity and its local communities and is dedicated to its mission to improve the health, wellbeing and lifestyles of everyone within our local communities.


Working with partners such as TDC, DDC, NHS, Kent Sport, ONE YOU, Technogym and TANITA, Your Leisure have been redesigning their leisure services to improve the emphasis on offering a more holistic approach to health & wellbeing.

This holistic health & wellbeing approach is not only about improving better access to information about our customer’s health, but also how this may relieve some of the pressure on local surgeries by assisting with some of the routine checks.

Dedicated to their mission to improve the health, wellbeing and lifestyles of everyone within our local communities Your Leisure wish to invite residents to join us in a health revolution to ‘Live Better by the Seaside’.

A personal view...

I know that it's challenging comparing a gym membership with a health plan, but is it really?

The advances in technology has enabled us to now access body statistics and measurements far more efficiently and more in depth than ever before, opening up opportunities to clearly see the effects of living healthier.

I am extremely proud of the direction we are heading and excited to deliver on our mission to improve the health, wellbeing and lifestyles of everyone within our local communities.

I invite you to come and trial our 'Health Plan' to help you focus on your health goals and get some amazing results!

Gavid Vickers

Indoor Leisure Manager

Your Leisure - Health Plan Membership