LTA Youth Start at Deal Indoor Tennis Centre

Who’s ready to Level Up? LTA Youth Start is for kids aged 4-11 years who are new to tennis. It's a starter course for kids, comprising of 6 high quality sessions, that introduce tennis to children in a fun and relaxed environment. We’ll help teach kids new life skills, developing them as both players and people.

This is a modern approach to tennis training. Forget standing around waiting for your turn to hit a forehand. Think dynamic sessions catered for all abilities.

We want to encourage children to play tennis throughout their lives – and be active too. So, if your child is aged 4-11, why not give it a try? Scroll down for all our great LTA Youth Start courses, including RED BALL, ORANGE BALL & GREEN BALL.

What can you expect?

  • An enthusiastic coach who has attended a specific LTA Youth Start training course
  • An LTA Youth Start racket, ball-set, and branded t-shirt delivered right to your door
  • An opportunity for parents to get involved
  • A follow-on offer to encourage you to keep playing at the venue after the course is complete

Each student gets an LTA Kit Bundle

Want to sign up and give tennis a go but don't have the equipment? If so, we have great news! When you book your course, we will send you an LTA Youth Start kit bundle, which includes:

  • A tennis racket
  • A set of balls
  • A branded t-shirt
  • A pair of wrist bands

Note: kit design may vary

LTA Youth Start - Red

Tennis for 4-7 years olds.

At the Red stage, children practice to serve (with an overarm throw) rally, and learn to play points. Coaches will help children to develop adaptive skills, coordination, balance & speed. Through basic instruction, children continue to prepare for the game ahead.

£34.99 for 6 sessions + kit bundle

LTA Youth Start - Orange

Tennis for 8-10 years olds.

At the Orange stage, children learn the rules & scoring to play the game from serve & return. Coaches will support children to grow their motor skills (orientation, hand-eye coordination, running & moving) to play in a dynamic environment. At the Orange stage children will increase proficiency, problem-solving skills & learn sportsmanship.

£34.99 for 6 sessions + kit bundle

LTA Youth Start - Green

Tennis for 9-11 years olds.

At the Green stage, children enjoy playing tennis on a full size court. Coaches will help children to grow their game to play with variety and will continue to improve their tactical awareness whilst refining technique. Children will become more autonomous and accept greater responsibilities.

£34.99 for 6 sessions + kit bundle

If you need assistance or need more information about LTA Youth Start, or have other questions, call 03333 660661 or email memberships@yourleisure.uk.com and an expert will be able to help.

Our specialist membership team are available Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm

Getting Here

Deal Indoor Tennis Centre (Tides Leisure Centre), Park Ave, Deal CT14 9UU

Youth Start: Skills for on and off the court!