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live better MOVE: For those who want to FeelGood

Live Better and FeelGood! The MOVE membership gives you access to the FeelGood Factories at Hartsdown and Ramsgate.

The FeelGood Factory suites at Hartsdown & Ramsgate offer a revolutionary way to lose weight via a completely unique 50-60-minute workout using power assisted equipment, which is specifically designed to achieve maximum results with minimum effort. This low impact exercise is ideal for people with osteoporosis, mobility problems, joint problems, poor posture, muscle tone problems. Our pre-defined, 50-60 minute circuit offers members a work out which exercises all the major muscle groups. You’ll get the best workout by working along WITH the machine NOT against it! The FeelGood Factory truly brings you the smartest, easiest and most intelligent work out on the market.

With Live Better MOVE, there's no sign up fee. No contract**. No old-fashioned on-peak vs. off-peak limits on your enjoyment. Just the freedom to be in control of your health and fitness goals with UNLIMITED* FeelGood & Swimming!

live better MOVE includes...

FeelGood Factory


20% Off Spa Treatments

Join online and start to Live Better today! If you are not satisfied, contact our Customer Support Team within 14 days and we will cancel your membership and give you a refund. Start your health and wellbeing journey today with the confidence that you can try your favourite activities for up to 14 days.

Key benefits of a live better MOVE membership are...

No sign up fees

No contract**

No on-peak/off-peak limits

Unlimited* usage

Online booking 8 days in advance

Free members app

Exclusive member discounts

Get ready to MOVE for only...

£32 a month DD

£352 12 months upfront

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If you need any assistance call 03333 660661 or email CST@yourleisure.uk.com and a Customer Support Agent will be able to help. Our Customer Support Team is available Mon-Fri, 8am - 5pm and Sat/Sun 8am - 2pm. 

*Unlimited usage during public sessions/activity programmes and centre opening times. Members are able to book activity sessions online. Activity bookings based on capacity and first come-first-served. View all activity programmes in the app. 

**Monthly subscriptions roll month-to-month. If you wish to cancel, you can do so, by giving 1-month notice.