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Try for a £1

The ability to swim is an amazing gift to give a child, whether it's just learning for fun or with the aim of eventually competing.

Swimming is an essential skill for any child's development, why not give our Swimming Lessons a try for just a £1.

Stage 1

For children aged 5 years+

We offer an extensive programme providing quality tuition for children aiming to learn to swim and are committed to all levels of swimmers whether it be complete beginners or those looking to improve or those looking to advance to compete.

Our lead teachers are all Level 2 qualified through Swim England and we also use Level 1 assistance for specific classes.

The Swim School follows the National Guidelines and each class is based on the Swim England National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS).

Our lessons provide a sound foundation for every child’s swimming progression into other aquatic activities whether they are competitive or recreational.

Pupil Assessment

Children aged  5 years+

We understand that children progress at different rates and therefore our Swim School lessons are based on continual individual assessment allowing for pupils to develop and progress at their own level.

Our Swim School teachers use iPod's on poolside to complete registers, are alerted of medical conditions and complete assessments on each student. 

Swimming teachers update the iPods every lesson to keep a track of each pupil's achievements which can be viewed by parents through the 'Your Swim School Portal'.

You will also receive email alerts when your child is ready to take the next step. You will be able to view the availability of class through the Your Swim School Home Portal and move your child into the next stage.

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1. Try for a £1, refers to your first visit only. Your first visit will be charged at a £1.