Why Pokémon Go is the best thing to happen to fitness since Zumba

Why Pokémon Go is the best thing to happen to fitness since Zumba

By Jamie


Ok, so if you haven’t herd of Pokémon Go I can only assume you have been hiding under a rock for the last week or so.


It is perhaps a controversial to say that a video game is the best thing to happen in fitness for a long time but I have two reasons that you can’t dispute.

1.It makes you get outside and walk! I have friends that have covered miles and miles hunting for Pokémon. These are people who would have previously sat in a beer garden or stayed in. How amazing is it that non exercisers are now covering thousands of steps a day, by choice!

2.It builds community. Driving home from the gym yesterday where I would usually see 3 dog walkers I must have seen 40+people walking about, all with phones out hunting Pokémon. Families, groups, couples, they were all out. I see Facebook groups with 400 members and everyone arranges to meet up and hunt together. It is amazing to see that kind of community, especially with some of the sad news around the world lately.


The last thing that created this kind of result was Zumba. Now some fitness snobs may try and discredit Zumba as a lesser form of exercise but it did get millions of people off their sofas and moving. Pokémon Go has done the same thing but on a larger scale.


Now it’s not a ‘fitness’ product but for me it is one of the best things to come along in fitness for a long time.


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