Carers Subscription Policy

Who is entitled to have a Carer? Anyone who needs help or support due to illness, frailty, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction, who cannot access our facilities without their carers support. A subscription for care givers has been created to be able to track attendance, to prevent overcrowded space capacity and prevent discrimination. A Carer Entry Subscription is free of charge, allows any booking along with their main person they care for if spaces are available. This subscription is only available to people that can prove they are someone’s carer. They make the same booking- and will only be allowed entry when their person has been booked and entering for their bookings.

The carer needs to join either at centre or by emailing CST@yourleisure.uk.com 

Members cards will then be issued on their 1st visit in centre and we will require a proof that the customer is entitled to this subscription.

This proof can be anything following, dated within the last 12 months:

  • Attendance Allowance Letter (AA)
  • Carers’ Allowance Letter of Award
  • Disability Living Allowance Letter (DLA)
  • Carers Card UK