Your Leisure Board Information

Welcome to Your Leisure's Board Information page. We seek experienced professional individuals with the "right stuff" to join our Management Committee Board. Let me introduce you to who we are are as an organisation, our vision, mission, aims and meet our current board. 

Your Leisure is enthusiastic, dynamic, and flexible, at the leading edge of leisure and community projects within East Kent. We aspire to become a benchmark for others in our sector and an employer of choice within the local areas."

Warren Reeves, Managing Director, Your Leisure Kent Ltd

Be Part of helping everyone within our communities to "Live Better"

Your Leisure Kent Ltd is registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 with charitable status. We have the private sector freedom to apply commercial management techniques with a public sector ethos to encourage community participation. We are part of 100+ Charitable Trusts across England, Wales and Scotland that share a passion to improve social, mental and physical wellbeing. As a Charitable Trust, every penny we make goes back into services and facilities to support the communities we serve.

Our Vision: Live Better with Your Leisure
Our Mission: To improve the health, wellbeing and lifestyle of everyone within our communities
Our Core Values: Strive to excel in customer service / Value our relationships and partnerships / Growth through innovation and investment

Supporting Our Communities through Our Charitable Aims

  • Contribute to the reduction of health inequality through participation in physical activity by all age groups.
  • Assist in improving the well-being of the local community through access to high quality leisure experiences.
  • Ensure that people in poverty and other disadvantaged groups of the community are not excluded from using our facilities or participating in our services.
  • Help tackle childhood obesity and local activity levels through a comprehensive programme of sports and health activities for the whole community.
  • Assist in promoting and raising standards in sport through cooperation with a range of local amateur sports clubs and community-based groups.
  • Contribute to reducing youth crime and anti-social behaviour by providing accessible, interesting, and educational activities for young people.
  • Help local groups supporting disabled people to improve opportunities to access our facilities and services.
  • Promote and improve the wellbeing and lifestyle of the local community.

"Contribute to the reduction of health inequality through participation in physical activity by all age groups."

What Drives Us to Succeed?

1: Customers - To continually find ways to improve the service to our valued customers.

2: Colleagues - To focus on colleague experience and engagement by actively supporting them to reach their potential.

3: Partners - Value and enhance the relationships with all partners demonstrating the benefit Your Leisure brings to the table.

4: Money - To place under the microscope all opportunities to become more efficient, reduce costs and generate additional income streams. To seek investment opportunities to grow the business through the expansion of programmes, services, and provisions.

Society Governance

Although there are over 200 employees working for Your Leisure Kent Limited, the strategic direction is the responsibility of Trustee Board Members. The Trustees are the guardians of Your Leisure Kent Limited’s objectives and have ultimate responsibility for everything that is done in the name of the Company.

It is important that there is a clear understanding of the different roles of the paid employees who manage our day-to-day business and that of the Trustees. The Rules and Articles for the Management Board set out some of the key duties of the Board, specifically:

  • To ensure affairs are conducted lawfully and in accordance with generally accepted standards of performance and propriety, in particular ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • To adopt all best practice recommendations in regard to operations, financial or similar matters and comply with regulatory advice and adopt appropriate policies and procedures for the management of the business as would be expected of a competent and efficient company.
  • To operate in accordance with approved Standing Orders and the Company’s financial regulations.
  • To oversee a framework of delegation and systems control, delegating powers to sub-committees and Managers.
  • Appointment and delegation of authority to the Managing Director and Senior Leadership team.

Meet Our Management Committee Board Members

Independent Board Member & Chair

Annette Noble
Independent Board Member & Vice Chair (Acting Chair)

Warren Reeves
Managing Director
(Board Member)

Independent Board Member & Treasurer

Fi McKinlay
Independent Board Member

Independent Board Member

Independent Board Member

Lee Waddon
Society Member & Employee Representative

Jane Waters
Society Member & Employee Representative

Danny Huntley
Society Member & Employee Representative

Society Member & Employee Representative

Society Member & Employee Representative

Society Member & Employee Representative

Lynda Davis
Society Secretary

"We are a diverse organisation and welcome applicants regardless of race, ethnic or national origin, colour, creed, religious or political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or age."