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Your Leisure strives to deliver excellent customer support for everyone who uses one of our services. Our Customer Support Team is available across a range of channels to make contacting us as convenient as possible and we are continuously assessing the needs of our customers to create new ways of getting in touch. 

How may we help you today?

Our Customer Support Team is available Mon-Fri, 8am - 5pm and Sat/Sun 8am - 2pm

This includes Live Better members, members of our course programmes, Beach Hut customers with a hire booking.
Please select the facility you are contacting us about to help us to support you better.
Please select the reason you are contacting us about to help us to support you better.

You can also contact us via

03333 660 661

Web Chat

Your Leisure Kent Ltd, Discovery Park, Innovation House, Innovation Way, Sandwich, Kent CT13 9FF

Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Stage1: Speak directly with a member of our Team

In the first instance, we would request that you speak directly with a member of our team who will try and resolve any issues on the spot. If the issue is about cleaning or maintenance, please tell someone immediately.

Stage 2: Contact the Manager 

If you are not initially satisfied, then please ask to speak to the Manager on duty who will ensure that your comments are logged and addressed immediately.

In the absence of the Manager, please speak with our ‘on duty’ Team Supervisor who will ensure that your complaint is logged and arrange for the Manager to contact you at the earliest time possible. We aim for the Manager to respond within 2 working days.

Stage 3: Customer Support Team

If you are not satisfied with the response from the Manager or have not received a reply within the designated time, then please contact our Customer Support Team and one of our Agents will assist you further. This can be done by completing the online form below.

Please let us know if you have already spoken with a member of the team at the facility to address your complaint previosuly.

Response times:

We aim to issue a first response to complaints within 10 business hours.

We aim to resolve and/or provide a managerial response/resolution within 5-7 business days.

Alternatively, you may wish to write:

Your Leisure (Kent) Ltd. Discovery Park, Innovation House, Innovation Way, Sandwich, Kent CT13 9FF

Please note:  any written request requiring postal confirmation may take longer than our standard response time however we will aim to keep all parties informed of any known delays with postal services.

How we are working to improve our Customer Support

Your Leisure strives to excel in customer service and also enhance the customer experience through innovation and investment. Your Leisure has launched a new omni-channel customer service platform that has been developed during Q4, 2023. The new system has enhanced the quality assurance by providing our Agents with a new integrated dashboard to more effectively manage support requests. Alongside enhancements to support request handling, the new system's reporting tools will mean that we will be able to continuously monitor the level of support provision and make data-driven decisions on channel development, coverage and training programmes. 

Your Leisure's Customer Support Snapshot

Did you know that our Customer Support Agents handle over 700 support requests per-week? Support requests range from one-touch tickets where we aim to deliver effective service promptly, to in-depth support with hour-long phone calls to ensure our customers are fully supported. 

92.2%! Our Customer Support Agents meet the time target to respond at a high rate. We carefully monitor the balanced scorecard of response rate, response time and response quality (based on customer feedback) to set improved targets.

85.9%! Our current Customer Satisfaction score (CSAT) is 85.9% from a rated volume of 12.2% Q4 2023/24.

Did you know that when you contact Your Leisure Customer Support by email or Social Media that you will be given the opportunity to rate your interaction post support request closure by providing a good or bad rating (with email you will be able to include a comment so that we can periodically review all feedback to make further improvements).

*Data points January to April 2024