Live Better with Support at Hartsdown Gym

Hartsdown Leisure Centre's Live Better Practitioner, Philippe Conin, has been promoting the exercise referral service. The referral service is there to help people make positive health changes, Sean, who has started his new health journey at Hartsdown said; "I came to the gym 8 weeks ago because two years ago I had heart failure. Six months ago my son was born and it has made me realise I need to lose weight and get healthy." 

Sean continued, "Philippe has been amazing. He's taken the time to plan a circuit workout that works the whole body to lose weight. Coming to the gym has made me feel better about myself, I feel I have more energy in my day-to-day life. I have already been told by people they can see the difference in my body. So hopefully I am on the right path to a slimmer and healthier me. I would highly recommend using Philippe's service as he has really helped me in moving in the direction I want to be going."

If you'd like to speak to Philippe or know someone who could benefit from his guidance, speak to reception at Hartsdown Leisure Centre.