Thanet Beach Huts Get a Fresh New Look

Your Leisure’s Bay maintenance and inspector team has been working hard over the summer to improve the Thanet coastline by giving Your Leisure Beach Huts a suitably seascape-inspired new blue colour scheme and embarking on a major beach hut renovation project.  

Lee Waddon, Head of Assets at Your Leisure, said; “We’re proud of our bays and have been planning to invest in the huts for a few years now but Covid halted the renovation project. The team started painting the huts in mid-June, breathing new life into them. They have also been carrying out a wide range of repairs including work on roofs, panels, trims, doors and fixtures. It has taken 10 weeks so far and the work will continue throughout autumn and winter. There are over 400 huts to paint and renovate, so it’s a major investment.” 

The new look beach huts look fresh and compliment Thanet’s stunning coastal views. 

Steve Dench, Foreshores and Maintenance Manager at Your Leisure, said; “I have been around the bays and the positive feedback has been great. I’ve had numerous conversations with hut owners and the public and there has been plenty of compliments given to the new colour scheme and the other renovation work. The team has been really positive and committed to the project, it’s a lot of hard work but worth it.” 

Currently, renovation work has been completed at St. Mildred’s Bay. With 400 huts, the work is projected to be completed sometime next season then the team will move on to enhancements to the concrete chalets located at Dumpton, Louisa, Viking and West Bay. 



Deputy Manager: Blue Wave

Deputy Manager: Blue Wave