Your Spa, Ramsgate has joined the growing campaign by salons, spas, hairdressers and more to bin all 'gossip' magazines after the death of former Love Island presenter Caroline Flack.

Shannon Tomkinson, Spa Manager, said: "In light of recent devastating and tragic death of Caroline Flack, we have made the decision to remove all Gossip Magazines and will no longer be offering these during your visit at Your Spa. Instead we will be offering informative books along with puzzle books." Shannon continued: "All too often people find it easy to criticise themselves or others. The team has decided to work together and do something positive to put a stop to this and instead build each other up.
We asked all of our gorgeous customers to upload a selfie of themselves in our comments and then tag in their lovely friends and family to let them know they are beautiful. We started with our team."

As part of a responsible organisation, the Your Spa team felt that it was important to share their decision with clients. Businesses around the country have embraced the campaign and Your Leisure is proud to support this cause.